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Well Of Goodwill Rework, Champion Mystery Box + Set, QOL/Bug Fixes + MORE COMING SOON

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On the 28th, we will be releasing information about something huge coming to Apollo.

This update released is much shorter than most of our content updates in the past. This is because I have been putting most of my time into the updates that will be announced on the 28th.


Well Of Goodwill Rework

The well of goodwill is something that has been dead in Apollo for awhile now. We are excited to announce the complete rework of it.

The new well of goodwill takes up to 100t, every 25t is a new benefit.

  • 30% Bonus XP 
  • Double Slayer Points 
  • Double Trivia Points 
  • 5% Drop Rate 
  • Spawn Global Bosses


Champion's Ring

You can now forge all 3 ancient rings into an Ultimate ring that is a hybrid ring for all combat styles.

It will also give higher damage + drop rate.



New Champion's Set

A new champion's attachment has been released into Apollo.


Currently the only way to obtain this attachment is through Champion Mystery Boxes, that you can obtain through the donation store.


This set has higher drop rate than the Enraged set, and if you wear the ENTIRE set, it will give you 25% extra damage boost in addition to the 10% godly quiver provides.


Champion's Mystery Box

This mystery box is purchasable on the donation store for $5, or you can buy bonds in-game and buy them from the donator shop for 5 donator points.

Rare is 3%, Uncommon is 7%



Other Updates

  • Mysterio changes:
    • Mysterio will now deal higher damage, with a chance to 1 hit.
    • Mysterio will now switch prayers
  • Added ::staff to view what staff are online.
  • 'Deals' tab in the donation store in-game has been replaced with accessories.
    • This tab now has all amulets, rings, auras, etc to stop clutter in the 'gear' tab.
    • New items will now show in the donator shop in-game.
  • Potions will now disappear after the last dose.
  • You can now sell noted items to the pawn shop
  • Zionic archer dry drop rate has been lowered from 1k to 500


The following updates have been temporarily reverted for 24 hours:

These updates were reverted due to me not having the most up to date files when coding the current game update and not noticing until 30 minutes ago. I will be working today on recoding the updates below and releasing them into the game.

  • Slayer mystery boxes no longer announce junk loot globally
  • Superior mystery boxes no longer announce globally as a rare drop
  • Youtubers can now drop items, trade and use POS
  • Investors now have a global login message
  • Reworked the colors for all staff login messages
  • For the first 8 hours as a new player, you will get a drop at any boss regardless of how much damage you have dealt.
  • New players now start with 100b instead of 500m
  • Fixed the bug in POS where you would spam click 'confirm' buy an item, and it would sometimes buy 2 of the same item, or another random item.
  • You can now do ::togglemenu to toggle the menubar at the top of the client.
  • Fixed a typo on the complete 5 runs of raids 2 daily task


Update on Custom Items Orders

Custom item orders will be permanently discontinued soon. In the past I have been very inaccurate on the time estimates for releasing custom item orders and when I have been accurate on them, it has caused problems with releasing updates on time. I personally feel it is more important to release updates that everyone can enjoy, than release specific custom items that only 1 player can enjoy. Overall there are too many problems with custom item orders, so they will no longer be added into the game.


If you currently have a custom item order, it will be released in a game update within 24 hours along with the updates that were reverted above.

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@Jonny can't wait to see what comes out on the 28th 😛

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Posted (edited)


Edited by Aardvark

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aardvark make sure to update your client


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Sick updates man! Awesome to see the grind and thought process going on behind the scene!

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You have outdone yourself here ! 😄 cant wait to see the results ! 😄

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This has been a good update so far, can't wait for the future ones,

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