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Bug Fixes / QOL

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Hello, this update is for a few bug fixes & quality of life changes. 



  • Mysterio's drop rate for the ancient rings has been changed to 1/3k instead of 1/1750
    • A new ring will be released soon that will allow you to combine all of these together to make a hybrid ring, with slightly more bonus.
  • Fixed the bug where you would cut trees and get 4 logs instead of 1.
  • Demonic potions now work in the wilderness
  • Slayer mystery boxes no longer announce junk loot globally
  • Superior mystery boxes no longer announce globally as a rare drop
  • Youtubers can now drop items, trade and use POS
  • Goodiebags are now stackable
  • Investors now have a global login message
  • Reworked the colors for all staff login messages
  • For the first 8 hours as a new player, you will get a drop at any boss regardless of how much damage you have dealt.
  • New players now start with 100b instead of 500m
  • Fixed the bug in POS where you would spam click 'confirm' buy an item, and it would sometimes buy 2 of the same item, or another random item.
  • You can now get a godly quiver from galaxy island.
    • There are a couple of these already in the economy, they were made for custom item holders that had been waiting a long time for their customs.
    • Gives 10% damage increase to all stats.
    • Provides higher drop rate than the collectors quiver
    • Has the 'collection' feature
  • You can now do ::togglemenu to toggle the menubar at the top of the client.
  • Fixed a typo on the complete 5 runs of raids 2 daily task

Custom items are being released in the next update, some time in the next couple of days.

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Thanks for the fixes mate, interested to see the rate on these Godly Quivers.. 🙂 

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Love the updates/fixes ! Especially the login color 😎 

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