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Apollo Trivia Guide

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A P O L L O   T R I V I A   G U I D E


Trivia is a Global Event in the chat box that asks Players a random question.

The first Players to type ::answer [correct answer] win!


1st Place: 10 points

2nd Place: 7 points

3rd Place: 5 points

4th Place: 3 points


Ultimate Donators receive double points & Investors receive triple points.



Lucky Key: 75 Points

Raids 1 Key: 50 Points

Small Cash Box: 5 Points

Medium Cash Box: 10 Points

Large Cash Box: 15 Points

Giant Cash Box: 20 Points

Pet Mayonaise: 250 Points

Pet Nutella: 250 points


Questions & Answers

What is the Capital of Italy? Rome

What is the Capital of Texas? Austin

What is the Capital of Germany? Berlin

What is the Capital of England? London

What is the Capital of Sweden? Stockholm

What is the Capital of Ontario? Toronto

Unscramble: alycstr eky. Crystal Key

Unscramble: cpaes rtoadrep. Space Predator

Unscramble: mmingnous. Summoning

Unscramble: gelacir otobs. Glacier Boots

Unscramble: detlrol. Trolled

Unscramble: nmriiattasrdo. Administrator

Unscramble: piirts spingicph. Spirit Chippings

Unscramble: oemny opchu. Money Pouch

Unscramble: rratodmeo. Moderator

Unscramble: nmriiattasrdo. Administrator

Unscramble: lodsdhrowa. Shadowlord

What forging level do you need to create a Galaxy Glaive? 92

How many waves are in a hard mode raid? 9

What level do you need to access Superior Slayer? 98

How many skills are there in Apollo? 26

How many Pest Control points do you need to buy an Elite Staff? 3m / 3000000

What level is the Corporeal Beast? 785

What is the first 4 numbers of a max cash pile? 2147

How many Mario's do you need to kill to access the Sonic Zone? 50

What is more difficult, raids 1 or raids 2? 2

What is the first monster you commonly kill as a new player? Mario

What is one of Apollo's custom skills? Raids / Forging

What rank has a silver crown next to its' name? Moderator

What rank has the money bag next to it? Investor

What type of Pokemon is Mewtwo? Psychic

What do you need to look out for when fighting Satanic Apollyon? Rocks

What type of code is used to create Apollo? Java

What month was Apollo released in? December

What Universe is Drax from? Marvel

What language is commonly spoken in Brazil? Portuguese

Who is the Developer for Apollo? Jonny

Who is the Youtuber of Apollo? Frimb

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Nice guide, you need to update the guide to show what donors get when the claim trivia points.  I.e Investors get 3x pts, so first investor gets 30pts per trivia.


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Nice clean looking guide 🙂

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Nice guide, hope to see these blanks filled soon 

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Thanks guys, I have updated the thread and it is now complete! Hopefully we'll see some new names popping up in the chatbox 🙂

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