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Gambling, Daily Rewards, Mysterio Boss + MORE

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Hello everyone,

In this update we are releasing a lot of new content, especially gambling which was recently passed on a poll!



Originally, the idea was to release rock paper scissors. This idea has since been scrapped, due to the gambling concept not being 'hands on'. I didn't want to release something where you just click a button on an interface to decide the fate of your wealth. Instead, I decided to release flower poker for now and the rock paper scissors concept will have more thought put into it before it's released. We may also go in a completely different direction and release poker or black jack in the future.

For now, flower poker is the main gambling option in Apollo.


In order to start gambling, you will need a gambling certificate. You can obtain the gambling certificate from either slayer shop, or ::store. Once you obtain the certificate, click it to unlock gambling.

To start gambling type ::gamble

You can purchase mithril seeds / dice bag from the gambler.



Original rock paper scissors interface:



Daily Rewards


How this works:
Every day that you login, you will get a random reward. These rewards will rotate every 10 days and will be picked in advance by a developer.

The rewards will change every 10 days. You will not know the reward you will get until the day of the specific reward.

Everyone will get the same reward for each day, it is impossible for it to get offset.

To claim the reward you must open this in the quest tab > purple icon (tools tab) > Daily Rewards.

After you open the interface, you select the specific day you want to claim.


Nitro Mystery Box

To obtain a nitro mystery box, you must nitro boost the discord server then contact an owner on discord with the in-game username you want to receive the box.

A nitro boost on discord, is a perk of purchasing discord nitro, discords subscription that provides benefits for your discord account. When you purchase discord nitro from Discord, you automatically receive 2 free boosts/month.




Demonic Potions

Every day that you login as a donator, you will receive a demonic potion for free.
This potion will give you 150 all stats for 1 hour.

Depending on your donator rank you will receive extra demonic potions.


Divine & Supreme Donator - 1 potion/day for free
Ultimate Donator - 2 potions/day for free
Investors - 3 potions/day for free

The potions are automatically given to you, when claiming your daily reward.




In addition to this update, infinite overloads/prayer now will liquidate for 40 donator points instead of 50.

When using your infinite overload scroll, it will also provide the 150 boost.


Mysterio Boss

Mysterio is the latest boss to arrive in Apollo! You can find him at the bottom of the boss teleport list.

How his combat script works will not be released, you will have to figure it out on your own! This provides a challenge.


He drops:

Ancient rings (melee, range, magic) - Best in slot

Mysterio's amulet - Best in slot amulet


Other Updates

  • Liquidating infinite overload/prayer now will give you 40 donator points instead of 50.
  • Space predator changes:
    • Lowered from 6m health to 2m
    • Can now use pring on it
    • Moved to tier 23 (between skotizo and cerberus)
    • Added to superior slayer
  • Lowered mewtwo dry counter from 1000 to 500
  • Fixed price of raids 1 keys in trivia shop
  • Added 11 new trivia questions
    • These will not be released, you will have to figure them out!
  • Donators now get more spirit chippings, depending on ur donator rank scaling from Donator to Investor.
  • Ultimate donators now get double trivia points, and investors get triple points.
  • The person you are teleporting to using the instance portal must now have you added on his friends list in order for you to be able to teleport to him.
  • Fixed kill 350 draconic warbeasts achievement saying brutal demons
  • When logging in as a new player, it now says you have increased drop rate instead of 200% drop rate.
  • Monday drop rate bonus has been changed to a 20% chance to get double drops when pvming.
  • Made items sellable to pawn shop:
    • Eye rings - 50t
    • Collectors amulet - 75t
    • Collectors amulet (i) - 125t
    • Third-age spirit shield - 150t
  • When leaving raids 2 it will now automatically delete your raids 2 items.
  • When locking your slayer rewards, it will now give your slayer points back.
  • Satanic apollyon can now be 1 shotted

Update Ideas (Coming Soon)

  • Custom clue scrolls, providing cosmetic items to wear while gambling.
  • Raids 3, with new best in slot items (possibly in August)
  • Texas hold-em, black jack, rock paper scissors gambling games
  • Ultimate slayer expansion, similar to superior slayer but with new items, monsters, and bosses.
  • A new event, similar to the easter event, but provides orbs that you can use on your oblivion/enraged/demon hunter sets to make them better and a different color.
  • 120 skills, with skilling being made as profitable as PvM
  • A new prayer book, with custom prayers that provide specifial benefits
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Dope update boisss.

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Posted (edited)

I can se the dedication and hours of coding this would take ! goood job! @Jonny

-Edit would love to see the Gamble zone at Enchanted vallyet. shops could be inside the waterfall

Edited by Timmy

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Love this update!!

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hell yea brother, looking good and the zone is mint

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Aweseome ! Big update for Apollo ❤️ would also love to see a way to upgrade owners cape *cough*


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