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Superior Slayer Guide

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Hello Apollo Family,

This is a guide on Superior Slayer.

The best day to do Superior Slayer is Tuesday as you receive x2 slayer points! To start Superior Slayer you need to have level 98 Slayer.

Once this is achieved you may select the Superior Slayer Master. to do this follow the simple instructions below.

fe6355d38ecd825fa0ea6ec403f3e501.png.5f8f1c52872451aa90c4862f068abc12.png Click on the slayer skill in your Skills tab.

37412b08674389e599330a0770c951f4.png.5e0a4db7c4444489824c98596dac52b1.png That will bring up this menu. Next select the master!

8e6a9f8d76fd89ef914ba47193d47735.png.41202fc53986ba5e7bf479d16fe39bb9.png As you can see, here are your choices.

032fca7370cd2d328cf8cc59ea04aeb7.png.dbc47eb6f97c14a387667b193ae85017.png Next teleport to the master by Going to your quest tab, and selecting the slayer icon at the bottom.

b52c7692fdd3ce3e5f112614a076d898.png.c3419994ac07de8ce82edd7f55a512ee.png When you arrive here in edgeville, you will see the Superior Slayer Master. Right click him and select task.

032fca7370cd2d328cf8cc59ea04aeb7.png.0867aecccd93fd359befaa281a4e07e3.pngUpon completion open back up this interface and teleport to your task!

b9a4c5eae741331de29ae5bdd2e96d59.png.7dbfbe75b774b208e069dfb7d50528ce.png The current rewards for Superior Slayer.

You can duo slayer by using a Slayer Gem on another Player. Add them to your team for faster kills.

As always the Apollo Staff Team thanks you for supporting the server!


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Great quick guide for new players!


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