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Boss Guide ( Satanic Apollyon ) High tier

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Hello Apollo Family,

This is a guide for the High Tier Boss Satanic Apollyon. He is a more difficult boss. AKA do not AFK

96b1f147aaab906dee55479b4ce44067.png.01186c9651abc572e81426caacf88963.pngThis is Satanic Apollyon Combat level (1654) 

He can be killed by teleporting to him via the boss teleport. You can also start an instance for 10T. Keep in mind that if you are instancing a boss it will have half the health compared to fighting him in a public room. 

One thing you need to be careful about this boss is that he has a special move of dropping rocks. When he drops these rocks you need to move tiles to avoid being one hit.

Pictured below are the drops of Satanic Apollyon



029b4c31f2e5dc04314f25bee6150af7.png.d64bd40791843ca82e075377413b72a7.png This is the most valuable drop, and the one that most players seek.

This concludes the guide on Satanic Apollyon

As always the Apollo Staff Team thanks each and everyone of you for your support.


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Love the way you reassured its not an "AFK" boss aha.
Great Guide!


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