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Dry Drop Rate, AFK Rework, Raids 2 Bug Fixes, Misc QOL/Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,

This is the first update to our new active updates.

For now on we will be posting an update every 1-3 days. I am going to be trying my best to do them daily, but on some days there may not be an update.


  • 3 people can now login on the same IP address instead of 2
  • Items made sellable to the pawn shop:
    • Draconic pieces
      • Platebody = 125t
      • Platelegs = 125t
      • Boots = 75t
      • Gloves = 75t
      • Cape = 75t
      • Reaper = 150t
    • Demonic Torva
      • Platebody = 100t
      • Platelegs = 100t
      • Full helmet = 75t
    • Eternal aura = 50t
    • This is a test to see how the community reacts to it & if it increase the price of the item. Based on the feedback we receive, we may make loads of more items sellable.
  • AFK Zone Rework:
    • You now will get a lucky key every 3,000 spirit chippings chopped on average
    • The prices in the AFK shop have been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where the infinite yell scroll would make your yell appear blank in the chatbox if you were a staff member or youtuber and did not have a donator rank.
  • Raids 2 Updates:
    • You can no longer open player owned shops in raids 2.
    • Fixed a bug where you would attempt to withdraw more than your inventory can hold in raids 2, and it would remove the items from your raids 2 bank and not stick them in your inventory.
    • You can now bring 1 item into raids instead of having to completely have an empty inventory.
    • The cash per raid in raids 2 has been buffed. You now get 2.5t - 7.5t per raid.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the raids chest would say 'An error has occured' and not let you open it.
    • The raids 2 drop rate has been made 2x easier.
    • Using the obelisk in raids 2 will no longer delete your orb of genesis.
    • -Raids 2 will now send a message to every party member when all tasks have been completed.
    • It will send a message to all party members when the room has been unlocked by a member in your party.
    • When someone finds the orb of genesis it will now send an announcement to every member in the party to let everyone know.
    • Oblivion scythe updates:
      • Oblivion full helmet now has 4.5% drop rate boost
      • Oblivion scythe now has dragon claws special attack
      • The stats on oblivion scythe have been buffed, and it now hits 2x instead of once.
  • The item list now displays auras and wings
  • Elite iron man can now drop pets
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't click some items in the item list to get a description on how to obtain them.
  • The stats on oblivion scythe have been buffed, and it now hits 2x instead of once.
  • Fixed a bug where you would hit ctrl or shift then hold it and minimize your client, then you would let go of the key. The client would still think that you have this key pressed, so if you typed b it would open the bank, or if you clicked an item in your inventory it would drop it when you didn't mean to.
  • The helmet item list now has demonlord partyhat on it.
  • Fixed the ::discord join link being invalid
  • Lowered drop rates on:
    • Vet'ion
    • Vladimir
    • Corporeal beast
    • Abyssal sire (cheaper rewards)
    • Skotizo
    • Satanic Apollyon
  • All bosses in the game (except for the ones that drop junk) have a 'dry' counter that will guarantee you a drop at a specific kill count if you haven't already received one. The dry counter resets after you get a rare drop.
  • To view your dry counter, go kill a boss and then type ::dry, if a dry counter exists for this boss it will pop up in your chatbox.
    • 8262c0e4e72973e76c44c48ad655d840.gif
  • You will no longer lose wings/auras when equipping them.

Thank you for reading, many more updates coming!
I will be reading all of the suggestions / bug reports today and starting on the next update.

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Awesome update! 

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for the update! and omg the dry counter is sick af!


Edited by lollipop

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Great update! Good work Jonny!

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