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Raids 2, New Oblivion, Enraged, and Demon hunter sets ~ Wings Slot!

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Today we are here to announce that we are releasing the long awaited RAIDS 2.

We have been working hard on this for a while now and we are very happy with how it has turned out.


Raids 2

To access raids 2 you will need a raids level of 90.

You will also need 99 in the following skills:

Woodcutting, Cooking, Fishing, Herblore & Farmings

The above skills will aid you in completing quicker floors as they will significantly speed up the skilling room.

Once you meet the requirements, you will want to head on over to your minigames teleport then click on the raids 2 teleport.


Once you arrive at the teleport location you will need to speak to the "Master of Raids 2".

The raids 2 starter interface works exactly like it does in raids 1.


We have 3 different difficulties; easy / medium / hard

The party size still remains the same which will be a minimum of 1 person and a maxium of 5 people per raid.


When you load into the raid you will spawn into the starting area, from there you will want to go to the raiding shop.

You will want to buy yourself skilling equipment to use in the skilling room.


The next room you will enter will be the skilling room in which you will have to complete a series of tasks to progress.

The tasks will be different depending on what difficulty raid you are doing. You can view the tasks on the task board.


Once you have completed all the tasks on the task board you will then progress onto the next room.

In the next room you will have to kill "Godly Warfighters" until you receive an orb of genesis.

Note: Only 1 person in the party will need to obtain the orb which will open the door for all of the party members.


Once you have received the Orb of Genesis you will then be able to progress onto the Semi-Boss room.

This next room is pretty simple, you have to kill the boss to move onto the next room.

The bosses health scales on party size + difficulty of the raid.


After you have killed the boss, you will into a room with a bank for if you need any extra supplies to complete the raid.

Once you have resupplied you are ready for the Final Boss room.


This is the final boss that you will need to kill before entering the rewards room.

The boss has similar mechanics to the "Satanic Apollyon" with a few extra ones also.

The bosses health scales on party size + difficulty of the raid.


Congratulations you have now completed the raids 2 floor. Now it is time to collect your reward.

The rare rewards are one of the 3 new mystery boxes, which each contain BIS items for melee/range and mage.

Oblivion Mystery Box (Melee)



Demon Hunter Mystery Box (Range)



Enraged Mystery Box (Mage)



We wish you all the best of luck in grinding the new content and heres to many future updates we have planned!



Other Updates:

  • A new item slot has been added for wings.
    • This allows you to wear wings on top of your cape.
    • e2a75219bd3ace97ea5a866230a7ccab.gif
  • The perfect ring has been renamed to Owner's ring and can not be used on global bosses / raid bosses.
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Best update yet!!!! Let's goooo!

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