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Satanic Apollyon Boss, Instance Portal, New BIS Aura, Ring, Pet + QOL/Bug Fixes

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Today we are releasing a new Satanic Apollyon boss into Apollo. This will be the final update until the release of Raids 2.


Satanic Apollyon

The boss has 3 special mechanics + 1 regular attack.



Drop Table:

-Satanic Aura (70% drop rate)

-Satanic Apollyon pet (80% drop rate + 22% damage boost)

-Satanic Ring (best in slot tribrid ring, 20% better than determination, abstraction and oblivion rings)


Instance Portal

There is now an instance portal at home. You can use this portal to teleport to peoples private instance.

The portal is located by the well of goodwill.


Satanic Aura



Other Updates (released on 4/29)

  • Infinite overloads now boost magic to 124
  • Fixed client bug where you couldnt hover the menubar in resizable
  • Its now impossible to drop pets
  • Buffed max cape drop rate to 2.25% (using new drop rate system)
  • ::pos command is now $250+ donator
  • Admins now have many commands to make the job easier, such as commands to transfer donations, reset pins, check pins, and much more.
  • The drop rate system has been changed to "Bonus Drop Rates" and is now 100% accurate. My rates is now 100% accurate.
  • Cash zone has been updated:
    • Small cash boxes give between 1250 - 2500 tickets
    • Medium cash boxes give between 2750 - 4000 tickets
    • Large cash boxes give between 4500 - 7500 tickets
    • Heavy cash boxes give between 10000 - 15000 tickets
  • The drop rate on easter staff is now the same drop rate as easter blade.
  • Removed the wiki command
  • Added ::reset-title to remove the title before your name (not your yell tag)
  • Removed the crystal key chest
  • You can no longer abuse the duo slayer bug that allows you to get more slayer points by doing duo slayer and leaving your partner on the last 1-2 kills.
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Another update of items i wont ever get 🥴 Love it tho!

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