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Imbue's Updated Staff feedback

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Hey, Some of you might've seen my first staff feedback, as i've gotten further into my adventure on Apollo and have met most staff members, im doing a (almost) full review 😄

Our Lovely Owners ❤️  love that you've gotten this server up n running it's truely amazing, and unlike other servers i feel that the players can see that you care for it, Problems are solved with complete proffesionalism, Truely great, can't wait to see the future of apollo update wise and video wise 😃

Administrator Adam: Bald asfuck, Just kidding you're the greatest man, you always manage to get the community together for a stream boss or a few mews, or a poker night in general chat. You're truely doing a great job ❤️ 

Moderator Bandarr: Booster buster bandarr As i like to call ya, You're definetly one of the most proffesional moderators i've ever seen you're truely doing a great job ❤️

Moderator Leet: Don't see ya ingame much lately probably because of timezones, You're a great moderator however and you've helped me alot in the start aswell as i see you do to others ❤️ 

Moderator Pewpew: Pewbes my boy, Definetly a big deserved rankup You're completely amazing and you don't hesistate even though a punishment goes to one of your friends, This is a thing i've seen on other servers being a problem ❤️ So great job 😄 Sorry you've had to mute me 😄❤️ Grats on mod again brother. And thanks again for all the help you gave me when i started on apollo ❤️ 

Support Raven1: 😄 You sir, are a very dedicated Support, you're always helping people and i've never seen you do bad or have me think oof 😄❤️ Keep up the great work raven1, My boi ❤️ 

Support Sheep/Arcinest: Baaa baaa baaaaaa 😄 Very funny guy, love ya always see ya helping people ingame when you're on keep up the great work man also helped me alot 😄 

Support R I S K S: New staff memeber can't wait to see how ya do ❤️ Definetly a big grats on your rank 😄 Feel its too early for me to write a review however

Support Dave: Seen you log in once or twice but never really seen you speak o.o 😄 hope to meet ya one day =p 

Pretty sure thats everyone ;D
Felt like today was a good time to come with a lil mood-refresher, You all are a awesome team and you really have a great community going, Fuck the haters Apollo stays strong ❤️



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