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Apollo Easter Event ~ Save Easter!

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Today we are releasing our easter event!


Easter Event

The easter event is located under 'minigame' teleports 'easter island'

Every 30 minutes an evil easter bunny will spawn, it will drop items to the top 1,000 damage dealers.


The only items he drops is bones and a hard boiled egg.


You must then take this hard boiled egg and go to the Easter Bunny, he will tell you a specific color of dye that he needs.



After you get the dye color, you then just kill the bunny specific to the color that he has requested. It's a 1/100 chance to get the dye.


Note: You can get the color / dye before getting the hard boiled egg to save time while waiting for the evil bunny to spawn.


After you get the dye, use the dye on your hard boiled egg to color it.



There are 4 possible colors of eggs



After you color your egg, go talk to the easter bunny and he will get you an easter mystery box.


The easter mystery box has very rare loot



Use an Easter attachment on any of the following items to make them into a better form:

Easter bow ~ Use attachment on a demonlord or shadowlord bow (60% drop rate+ 10% damage increase)



Easter blade ~ Use attachment on a demonlord or shadowlord blade (60% drop rate + 10% damage increase)



Easter staff ~ Use attachment on a psychic staff (60% drop rate + 8% damage increase)



Easter pet ~ Gives 13% damage bonus and 50% drop rate



Easter aura ~ Gives 50% drop rate



You are now able to sell even more items to the Apollo Pawn Shop:



Other updates:

-All final custom item changes/orders have been completed (pm me)

-A wiki command has been added

-Dragonslayer blade has been decreased from 7.5k to 2k points in slayer shop

-Admins can now reset the stream boss

-Fixed a bug where massban wouldn't always work


Happy easter everyone!

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Looking sick thanks jonny ❤️ Happy easter to you too

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