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MewTwo Global Boss, New Magic Robes/Staff, QOL/Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,

We have received a lot of requests to release a new magic set, and I think it is a good time to do just that.

MewTwo Global Boss


MewTwo will spawn every 30 minutes in 3 possible locations:

  • Rimmington
  • South of Al Kharid
  • Pest Control

He will drop the following rare items:

  • Psychic robe set + staff
    • Best magic robe set & staff in the game
    • dd69838fcbef9b0940e73713433f4a6a-png.jpg
  • Pet MewTwo
    • Gives 65% drop rate boost
    • 1c2b10e3c08f22e37079cf87a8f4cb7e.png
  • Other misc common loot that is good for new players

He will drop loot to the top 5 damage dealers AND to 5 random players that dealt damage to him.


QOL/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where re-opening cash zone anagrams takes your key even if you didn't enter a anagram.
  • Fixed not being able to buy void / take it out of your pos.
  • The following items are now sellable to the pawn shop:
    • Superior brutal whip - 25t
    • Superior minigun - 25t
    • spectral spirit shield - 15t
    • Arcane spirit shield - 30t
    • Elysian spirit shield - 40t
    • Divine spirit shield - 50t
    • Spirit cape - 1t
    • Icey accumulator - 7.5t
  • The following adjustments to range gear have been done:
    • NERFED owner cape's range bonus by 28%
    • BUFFED Demonlord Bow by 15%
    • BUFFED Demonlord Blade by 15%
    • BUFFED Eye of the ranger range maxhit by 427%
    • BUFFED Ring of determination's range maxhit by 355%
    • BUFFED Galaxy ring's range maxhit by 508%
    • BUFFED Coll Ammy (I)'s range maxhit by 200%
    • BUFFED Coll Ammy's range maxhit by 200%
  • You can now use escape to close interfaces
  • Removed the trivia question 'lPustBr'
  • Daily task rewards are now more rewarding
  • You can now view all pets & their drop rate at the bottom of ::items
  • Fixed a bug where you would open the vote page and it wouldn't load
  • Fixed all darth vader typos
  • Fixed the double voting casket donator benefit being buggy and not always working/saying the correct donator benefit.
  • Drops will no longer announce globally on kill #0


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