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Hello everyone, the cash zone is officially here!

The purpose of this update is to bring more money into the game, while creating a new money making method.

What is cash zone?

The cash zone is a new minigame where you kill boxes to collect 1B tickets / cash boxes.

You start off in zone 1 killing small cash boxes.

Eventually the cash box will drop a key that you can use to enter into the next room.

You will have to solve an anagram to be able to enter into the next room.

As you progress in each room you will earn more money.

If you enter the anagram incorrectly, you will have to start all over in room 1.


Starting concept for the cash zone

A few days ago on discord I released the starting concept for the cash zone, a few details have changed since then.



Cash zone map

The cash zone map is very basic, but it gets straight to the point.




Cash Zone Anagrams


When you attempt to go into a room you will automatically lose your key and an anagram will popup. You will have 1 try to enter the anagram correctly, if you enter it incorrectly you will have to start all over in room 1.

Here is a list of all the anagram answers:

  • lucky key
  • shadowlord
  • demonic bow
  • eternal staff
  • brutal whip
  • casket
  • minigun
  • apollo sword
  • vladimir
  • space predator
  • lightsaber
  • pvm box
  • superior slayer
  • galaxy island
  • forging
  • brutal demon
  • frimb
  • voting casket


Cash Zone Monsters

As you progress in the zone each monster will drop more money.



Regarding custom items:

Due to me being late with the release of this update, I will be working on all custom item changes tonight in a separate update.



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can someone help me i download the client and it saying requestiong title screen error what do i do

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