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Raids Keys, QOL, Vote System Fix, Drop Rate Rework

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Hello everyone,

This update is a bunch of random stuff all mashed into one update.

The next game update we release will have more content.

Game Updates

  • Reworked voting system
    • We are now using a voting system that is commonly used in the RSPS scene to prevent any future problems with our voting.
  • Shadowlord blade attack animation has been reverted back to the original one
  • Reworked drop rates for following monsters:
    • Cerberus is now 1/1000
    • Skotizo is now 1/1500
    • Abyssal sire is now 1/2500
    • Venenatis:
      • Changed superior items to 1/600
      • Changed tokhaar capes to 1/750
      • Changed rings to 1/1500
  • Reworked prayer drain rate benefit
    • After testing this system, I was able to confirm that regular donator / divine donator actually did not slow down your prayer drain rate. This has now been fixed.
    • In addition to this, donator ranks no longer provide unlimited prayer, just decreased prayer drain rate.
      • Regular Donator = 20% slower prayer drain
      • Divine Donator = 40% slower prayer drain
      • Supreme Donator = 60% slower prayer drain
      • Ultimate Donator = 80% slower prayer drain
      • Investor = 100% slower prayer drain
    • Infinite prayer scrolls will give 100% slower prayer drain instead of acting as a prayer renewal.
  • When buying lucky keys/beginner boxes from the in-game donation store it will now give you the correct amount of keys/boxes.
  • You will now only get 10-15 darth vader kills on a superior slayer task.
  • Buffed owner cape for range and magic
  • Raids keys are now available on the store (10 for $5!!) The keys give a 1/400 chance to obtain a raids item.
  • Raids loot change:
    • You can now get shadowlord aura from raids chests and boxes
    • Shadowlord protector is now a rare reward instead of a very rare reward.
  • Deadly assasin blade is now 750 superior slayer points instead of 6000
  • Demonlord attachment is now 5000 superior slayer points instead of 6000
  • You can now forge demonic torva into draconic pieces.
  • Added ::forge to teleport you directly to the forge.
  • Added a command ::togglecollammy that will disable/enable your collectors amulet display what was sent to your bank in your chatbox.
  • You can now click the forge skill in your skills tab to teleport to the forging area.
  • The following items have been made sell-able to the pawn shop:
    • Dragon Kiteshield - 1T
    • Infernal Protector - 2T
    • Dragon Defender - 1T
    • 3rd Age Defender - 5T
    • Armadyl Godsword - 200B
    • Armadyl Chest Plate - 200B
    • Armadyl Chain Skirt - 200B
    • Armadyl Helm - 200B
  • Overloads will no longer damage you when it runs out.
  • Item in player owned shops are now color formatted based on price:
    • White - Any item that has 'b' in it
    • Green - Any item that has 't' in it
    • Red - Any price that has 'q' in it
  • Demonlord bow and blade has been buffed
    • If your custom item has lost BIS stats send me a message on discord with the name of your custom item and I will adjust your stats.

Thank you for reading,


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Would be nice if voting worked though, Voted the past 2 days every 12 hours and both times it tells me i've only voted on one site and gives me one casket. not the only person experiencing this issue either

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