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Crazy Pete Zone, Owner Attachment, & QOL

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to February, we have tons of updates planned and this is just the first of many!


Crazy Pete Zone

The crazy pete zone is an area where you can kill Crazy petes and obtain $1 rank scrolls.

Using the $1 rank scrolls will give you progress towards donator ranks.





You can only use $1 rank scrolls to obtain up to Supreme donator.


A rare pete will also appear here that has a higher drop rate than the regular crazy pete.



Killing rare petes you can get 2 possible pets.

Pet crazy pete -> gives 20% drop rate boost.

Pet rare pete -> gives 30% drop rate boost.



Monsters No Longer Multi

After a lot of consideration, all monster locations will by default no longer be multi. This does NOT include any bosses in the game.

The reason to this is because slayer is a big part of Apollo, and with some monsters being multi it does not give a fair chance for new players trying to complete their slayer task to be able to get a kill.


Owner's Attachment

You can now buy an owners attachment on the store for $350 (for the release of this, it is on sale for $300).

Using the owner's attachment on a destruction cape will give you an owner cape.



Double Voting

All voting on toplists are now reset, with the reset of toplist votes we are offering DOUBLE vote caskets for the next 2 days!!


Infinite Prayer & Overload

You can now buy an infinite prayer & overload scroll on the store for $50 each, these scrolls will give you infinite prayer renewal/overload for 60 minutes each use.

The scroll has unlimited uses.



Other Updates

  • The drop list interface will no longer close when in combat.
  • Removed the gfx that displays around your character when using a prayer renewal
  • Instance tickets & owner capes are now untradeable
  • Increased health on slayer mystery boxes
  • Increased health on draconic warbeast/nex



Some of these updates may not work unless you update your client!

The current client version is 1.09!

To update your client restart your launcher!


All new store items will be added to the store 15-30 minutes after the game update releases.

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Nice update, love the infinite prayer and overload scrolls.

However it would be really nice to add a quality of life for these by adding a timer like runelite has for osrs for these scrolls and other potions so players know when they have to renew their potions.

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