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Custom modeling service

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Hello there! 

If you're interested in a custom donation (weapons, ...) but have no idea what kind of model you want or have and idea, but can't work it out ->
I'm making/editing custom models in my free time :)  Feel free to contact me here, on discord or ingame and we'll see if we can work something out 😄 

a couple examples can be found here: 


Wondering what pricing it is? 
- All disputable, can either do in name donations or ingame items, depends on model/complexity/time consumation :) (will prob not accept paypal, due to RWT shit ayee) 

- If you just want some info or suggestions, feel free to contact me aswell ^__^ i've got a gigantic model archive on my pc, something for everyone's liking :) (ranging from base items to full on customs 😄 ) 


~ Steelie

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