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Pawn Shop Prices, Superior Box Rework, Trio Boss Drop Rework

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This is a small update for a few needed changes to Apollo.


Superior Mystery Box Rework

The superior boxes have not been reworked since their initial release of Superior Slayer.

The worse items have been removed from the box, and newer items have been added to make it worth buying it.



Trio Boss Drops Rework

You can now directly obtain the new auras / quivers from the Trio bosses now, instead of only being able to obtain them from the Fantastic chest.

The new quivers/auras have been added as a 1/5000 drop rate.

The fantastic keys have been lowered to a 1/2000 drop rate.

ALL of the new quivers now have the collectors benefit.



Pawn Shop Price Rework

Huge thanks to Leet, Taco, and anyone else that helped with compiling our new pawn shop price list.


The following items have been made sell-able to the pawn shop:

Psychic Armor Pieces - 3Q ea

Third-age spirit shield - 250T
Bloodbone Spirit Shield - 500T
Shadowlord Protector - 1Q
Demonlord Protector - 2.5Q
Resurgence Shield - 5Q

Enraged Armor Pieces - 5Q ea
Demon Hunter Armor Pieces - 5Q ea
Oblivion Armor Pieces - 5Q

Demonic Necklace 2.5T

Dragonrage Armor Pieces - 750T

Shadowlord Platebody - 1Q
Shadowlord Platelegs - 1Q

Demonlord Platebody - 2.5Q
Demonlord Platelegs - 2.5Q

Zionic Body - 2q
Zionic Legs - 2Q

Steadfast Boots - 150B
Draconic Boots - 75T
Predator Boots - 200T
Galaxy Boots - 300T
Shadowlord Boots - 1Q
Primidian Boots - 1.5Q
Demonlord Boots - 2.5Q
Oblivion Boots - 5Q

Ragefire Boots - 150B
Stormwell Boots - 1.5Q 
Enraged Boots - 5Q

Glaiven Boots - 150B
Dragonrage Boots - 750T
Glacier Boots - 1.5Q
Zionic Boots - 2Q
Demon Hunter Boots - 5Q
Eye of the Warrior - 50T
Eye of the Mage - 50T
Eye of the Ranger - 50T
Galaxy Ring - 300T
Ring of Oblivion - 600T
Ring of Abstraction - 600T
Ring of Determination - 600T
Satanic Ring - 1.5Q
Ancient Ring (Melee) - 2.5Q
Ancient Ring (Magic) - 2.5Q
Ancient Ring (Range) - 2.5Q
Magicians Amulet - 20T
Collectors Amulet - 75T
Demonic Necklace - 5T
Collectors Amulet (I) - 125T
Destruction Necklace - 400T
Mysterio's Amulet - 1Q
Shadow Sword - 25T
Superior Claws - 100T
Mayonaise - 50T
Nutella - 50T
Crazy Pete - 100T
Rare Pete - 150T 
Skotizo - 250T
Star - 550T 
Cerberus - 750T
Baby Yoda - 1Q
MewTwo - 2Q
Satanic Apollyon - 2.5Q 
Soulreaper - 5Q

Draconic Gloves - 75T
Predator Gloves - 150T
Shadowlord Gloves - 1Q
Demonlord Gloves - 2.5Q
Oblivion Gloves - 5Q

Enraged Gloves - 5Q

Dragonrage Gloves - 750T
Zionic Gloves - 1Q
Demon Hunter Gloves - 5Q
Trio Wings - 100T
Dreadfowl Wings - 20T
Dragonrage Wings - 1.75Q
Zionic Wings - 2.5Q
Resurgence Wings - 5Q

Eternal Aura - 50T
Demonic Aura - 300T
Galaxy Aura - 750T
Shadowlord Aura - 1.75Q
Satanic Aura - 2.5Q
Resurgence Aura - 5Q
Spirit Cape - 1T
Draconic Cape - 75T
TokHaar-Kal-Ket - 150T
TokHaar-Kal-Mej - 150T
TokHaar-Kal-Xil - 150T
Destruction Cape - 500T
Superior Cape - 1Q

Collectors Quiver - 1.5Q
Godly Quiver - 5Q
Partyhats - 250T
Santa Hat - 25T
Bunny Ears - 10T
Grain - 10T
Elite Scroll - 20T
Orb of Slaying - 100T
Demonlord attachment - 1Q

Oblivion Scythe - 5Q
Enraged Staff - 5Q
Demon Hunter Crossbow - 5Q
Demonlord Blade - 3Q
Demonlord Bow - 3Q
Psychic Staff - 3Q
Shadowlord Blade - 1.5Q
Shadowlord Bow - 1.5Q
Galaxy Glaive - 1.5Q
Elite Staff - 500T
Cronic Bow - 250T
Zionic Bow - 100T
Cyclonic Reaper - 250T
Dragonrage Blowpipe - 100T
Demonic Glaive - 100T
Predator Scythe - 200T
Deadly assasin blade - 175t
Draconic Reaper - 150t
Blue Lightsaber - 100T
Red Lightsaber - 100T
Superior Brutal Whip - 25t  
Demonic Bow -  50T
Demonic Staff - 25T
Superior Minigun - 30T
Icey Bow - 17.5T
Ice Minigun - 15T
Demonic Brutal Whip - 17.5t
Tortured Minigun - 10t


Other Updates

- When using the monster drop list search function, you no longer have to search twice to make it work.

- All of the new quivers now have the collectors benefits

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Great update!
Keeps the eco and price dropping in check :) 

Keep up the good work! 


~ Steelie

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