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Trio Bosses, Fantastic Keys, New Auras & Quivers

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Trio Bosses

Fantastic Trio Bosses

Note-able Drops: 2x, 4x, 6x Fantastic Keys!

KC Requirement: 500 Destiny Warriors + 500 Farseer Wizard


1 - Trio Pillager = Hurls a blast at you that freezes you in place for 10 seconds  (you can avoid this by moving)
2 - Trio Defiler = Hurls a blast at you that De-Spawns your summoned pet  (you can avoid this by moving)
3 - Trio Obliterator = Hurls a blast at you that turns all prayers OFF (you can avoid this by moving)



Fantastic Keys

New Fantastic Keys & Chest


Common rewards:

10T-100T, 2x Heavy Cash Box, 3x Heavy Cash Box, 1x Shadowlord Goodie-Bag, 1x Galaxy Goodie-Bag, 2x Raid 1 Key, Superior Brutal Whip, Superior Minigun, Staff of Ice, Ice Pernix set, Ice Virtus Set, Eye Rings, Eternal Aura, Trio Wings, 


(1-40) Rare rewards:

Remastered Box, 10x Lucky Keys, 5x Fantastic Keys, $10 Bond, 5x Raids 3 Keys, 2x Raids 2 Goodie-Bag, Destruction Cape, 500T-1Q Cash


(1-80) Jackpot Rewards:

Menacing Aura, Lucky Aura, Menacing Quiver, Lucky Quiver, Collectors Quiver (e), Remastered Box (e), $50 Bond, Mythical Magician Pet, Ballistic Ranger Pet, Royal Knight Pet




How To Obtain Fantastic Keys:

- NEW Fantastic Trio: 2x , 4x, and 6x Fantastic Key Drops (Very Rare)

- Destiny Warrior + Farseer Wizard: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare)

- Raid 3: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare)

- Vote Boss: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare)

- Global Boss: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare)

- Store Page


New Auras

Menacing Aura - 15% DMG Boost To All Combat Styles



Lucky Aura - 25% Drop Rate


New Quivers

Menacing Quiver - 15% DMG Boost To All Combat Styles
Lucky Quiver - 25% Drop Rate
Collectors Quiver (e) - Collectors effect with 16% Drop Rate



New Forging Items

Items added to Forging:

- Oblivion Set + Weapon

- Demon Hunter Set + Weapon

- Enraged Set + Weapon



Raids Shop

A raids shop was added in 2.0, and the prices have now been set.

You will get points from all Raids:

Raids 1 - 1 point

Raids 2 - 3 points

Raids 3 - 4 points



Other Updates

- Champion attachment is no longer available on the store

- Fixed all client chat tabs showing staff messages

- Server supports now have a global login message

- New daily reward items have been set

- You can no longer access Jad

- There is now 3 of each boss at Alpha zone


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