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  1. Wicked


    Who would like to see a new amulet added to the game possibly in between collectors (i) and destruction? it really sucks that if you have quiver you gotta wait until you have 5k superior slayer points or 3.5q to get neck. I think something in between would be really good. Thoughts?
  2. Yeah feels bad. But i do appreciate you doing this one
  3. Be nice if more people got involved in it.
  4. @Alabama Yeah will potentially add raids 2 and if more content comes out. Will also update it as things change.
  5. Hello everyone! I wanted to make a new guide for money making for starters. This guide will be similar to Redbull's guide just more updated. I must give credit to Redbull as his guide is an outline to this one. Hope it helps! Voting Apollo allows you to vote on 4 different website every 12 hours. You can use command ::vote in game or follow the link above your client to start voting. Once you have voted on all 4 websites you go back to your client and type ::claim. This will prompt 2 options. Click "check for vote reward". After that give it a few seconds to check and then it will put your 4 voting caskets in your inventory. You can open these for vote points which can be spent at home by trading King of Voting, you will also receive 100 bonus hits per vote, 20 minutes bonus experience, and a random item or bil tickets. If you are new I would suggest selling these votes unless you are planning on skilling at that time. You can sell votes for 15t-20t each so if you vote ever 12 hours you can make over 120t a day. Daily Tasks Located under the quest tab next to your inventory tab you will find 4 option to click on at the bottom. The first one is all the details for apollo and your account, 2nd is slayer, and 3rd is the tab that you will use to locate your daily tasks as well as lists for items and drops. Each day you will be given 5-7 daily tasks. Each daily task you complete will give you 10-20t and a lucky key. After completion of all tasks you will receive 25t, 1 lucky key, and a superior mystery box. When first starting out you may not be able to finish all the daily tasks so don't get mad, eventually you will as you continue to grind. Once completion of a daily task your tickets and key will appear in your inventory. You can either use this key at the lucky chest located at ::home, or you can sell it to players in game for 40-45t. I would suggest selling them as the loot is pretty rare from the chest. If you complete all achievements and sell all the keys you can make over 300t a day. Achievements Achievements are located in the bottom right of your screen by clicking the the green icon. Each achievement completed gives a reward Easy - 150 1b tickets and beginner Mystery box Medium - 750 1b tickets and PVM Mystery box Hard - 5000 1b tickets and Slayer Mystery box Elite - 10000 1b tickets and Superior Mystery box AFK Tree When it is time for you to hop off of your computer don't just log out like you normally would. Grab a hatchet and type ::AFK or run east from home and click on 1 of the 3 trees then go about your business. The nice thing about the AFK zone is that it doesn't matter if you are lvl 1 wood cutting. You can log on and get chopping. little secret is you can have up to 3 accounts on server so you can make 2 extra accounts and place them at afk tree forever! As you chop the AFK tree you will see spirit chippings building up in your inventory. These chippings can be spent in the shop at AFK by speaking with party pete. Here is a preview of the store: I will not tell you what to spend your chippings on but I will suggest you stay away from everything but the Eternal Aura (10k chippings) and the Trio Wings (35k chippings) I personally spend all my chippings on the Eternal Aura's and sell them to the pawn shop for 50t each. You can get the wings and sell them for 100-150t each to players but your best bet for fast guaranteed cash is the Aura's. PVM/Slayer The reason PVM and Slayer are together is because you gain pvm points on almost all creatures that you kill. So as you're grinding slayer tasks for slayer points, you will also be gaining loads of pvm points which can buy you some decent gear. For a starter Demonic gear is very good. Especially for range and mage. Demonic pernix is the 4th Best in slot gear for range and Demonic Virtus is currently the 3rd BIS gear for mage. The gear can also sell for 100-150t a piece. So you can pick up a set of torva and pernix for 20k pvm points and virtus for 13k pvm points. Instead of buying your own gear from players you can save your money for a better weapon and just spend your pvm points to get the gear you need. Just keep in mind that some monsters only give you 1 pvm point per kill and some will give you a couple more so it is a little grind to gain points, but you will be gaining those points without even noticing it from just doing slayer tasks. Now for the slayer store. The best things in this store to get either for yourself or to sell are the zionic bow (3k points), 3rd age spirit shield (1.5k points), Eye of X rings (1k points each), or the slayer helm (2k points). All of these items can be sold fairly quick and for decent money. The slayer helm currently sells for 1q for tier 1 and up to 2q for tier 4. In order to get tier 4 helm you will need to add orbs of slaying to it which you will obtain randomly when completing slayer tasks. Crazy Pete Crazy Pete can be a great way to earn donator status on Apollo if you do not want to spend irl money. Each kill of Crazy Pete has a chance to drop a $1 rank scroll. These are non tradeable scrolls. If you get $10 of these you will gain donator status. Use this thread for the benefits of donator (https://www.apollo317.com/forums/index.php?/topic/438-apollo-donator-benefits/) You can also get a crazy pete pet drop and cosmetic mystery box. (Drop rates with no bonus) Starved Ancient Effigy These are used to turn into Dragonkin Lamps which are used for skilling xp. They also sell for 45-60t each to players. They can be obtained from General Graardor and Green Dragons Cash Zone The cash zone which is located under the mini games teleport is another way to earn cash. There are 4 rooms in the cash zone and you have to start in room 1 and kill small cash boxes until they drop a key for the second room. The main objective in this minigame is to reach the heavy cash box room and farm heavy cash boxes. In each room all the boxes have a chance to drop a cash box which can be opened for Bil tickets. Once you reach the heavy cash boxes and start farming those each box will give around 10t-14t a box. Each kill will also grant you 1 pvm point and will drop Bil tickets. Once you have gathered the key from the first room you will need to complete an anagram for the second room. You can use this guide for the different anagrams. ( https://www.apollo317.com/forums/index.php?/topic/475-cash-zone-anagram-list/&tab=comments#comment-805) If you do not know how long you will be able to grind room 4 for, i would suggest farming a few keys from room 3 so that way you can just go back to room 4 if you have to leave at some point without grinding out rooms 1 and 2 again. Galaxy Island! You can find a full length guide here: https://www.apollo317.com/forums/index.php?/topic/282-galaxy-island-update-1202020/ This is also an achievement right now if you plan on getting the comp cape. You can also sell the keyblades for 2.5-5t each to players. Raids 1 Raids is very good money as you continue to get better gear. Each raid completed you get around 1.5-2.5t and also a chance at some rare shadowlord loot. You can have up to 5 people per raid group. There are 3 different difficulties for raids (Easy (3 rounds), Medium (6 rounds), Hard (9 rounds)). The harder the difficulty the better the chance at a rare drop. XP from raids is based off of damage done in the raid. The more damage you do the more xp you get. Raids can be accessed under the mini game teleport tab. I would suggest running easy raids if you're solo as they will be the quickest money making for you. If you can find a group of people you can always increase the difficulty of the raid to get a better chance at rare loot. I like to run solo easy raids for the cash you get from each chest. As you get better gear you will find yourself running a solo easy raid in a couple of minutes. After a couple hours you will have a decent cash stack. The shadowlord gear you get from this chest is currently 3rd best melee gear and can sell for 600t-1.5q for the armor. The protector (shield) sells for 1.5q-2q, the Aura sells for 3q, and the blade and bow sell for around 5q+. Many of these ways is how I still make money on Apollo. I hope this helps you and I hope you enjoy this guide!!!
  6. Yeah i think you could do a lot of different things to make it better. But a rework on it needs to be done.
  7. After weeks of trying to buy dragonrage wings, it seems there are hardly any around. There is such a big jump from trio wings to dr wing. I would suggest either making boxes a higher chance to get from galaxy mini game or adding the loot from a galaxy box in the mini game chest. What is yalls opinions.
  8. Wicked


    Yeah supernatural is on season 15 or 16 right now so it takes a lot of time to watch
  9. Wicked


    Yes love both of them. I think you would enjoy arrow if you haven't tried watching it yet. @Alabama
  10. Wicked


    The punisher is a great show as well
  11. Wicked


    Yeah vikings is something i need to watch. Just so many other shows i gotta finish before starting a new one. I will watch it eventually though
  12. Wicked


    What is everyone's top 3-5 shows/movies on netflix. I am always looking for new to stuff to watch. So far mine are- 1. supernatural 2. the ranch 3. peaky blinders 4. Arrow 5. DC Legends of Tomorrow Got plenty more shows ive watched if anyone is interested in more
  13. Someone has to make it a competition. Wouldn't be fun if only 1 person actually tried.

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