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  1. Slayex

    Apollo Trivia Guide

    Thanks guys, I have updated the thread and it is now complete! Hopefully we'll see some new names popping up in the chatbox 🙂
  2. Thanks for the support everyone, I have updated my application with my current time played 🙂
  3. Video of the Week To incentivize our community to create content and bring in new players; I'd like to suggest that we host a weekly competition. Players can apply to join the competition on an Official Thread if @Jonny & @Frimb decide to move forward with the concept. Each week players in the competition will submit their Video of the Week and the community will vote for their favourite with winners being picked every Sunday! 1st Place: $100 Bond 2nd Place: $50 Bond 3rd Place: $25 Bond 4th Place: $10 Bond
  4. Your luck is insane mate! Thanks for making the video 🙂
  5. Thanks for the fixes mate, interested to see the rate on these Godly Quivers.. 🙂
  6. A P O L L O T R I V I A G U I D E Trivia is a Global Event in the chat box that asks Players a random question. The first Players to type ::answer [correct answer] win! 1st Place: 10 points 2nd Place: 7 points 3rd Place: 5 points 4th Place: 3 points Ultimate Donators receive double points & Investors receive triple points. Rewards: Lucky Key: 75 Points Raids 1 Key: 50 Points Small Cash Box: 5 Points Medium Cash Box: 10 Points Large Cash Box: 15 Points Giant Cash Box: 20 Points Pet Mayonaise: 250 Points Pet Nutella: 250 points Questions & Answers What is the Capital of Italy? Rome What is the Capital of Texas? Austin What is the Capital of Germany? Berlin What is the Capital of England? London What is the Capital of Sweden? Stockholm What is the Capital of Ontario? Toronto Unscramble: alycstr eky. Crystal Key Unscramble: cpaes rtoadrep. Space Predator Unscramble: mmingnous. Summoning Unscramble: gelacir otobs. Glacier Boots Unscramble: detlrol. Trolled Unscramble: nmriiattasrdo. Administrator Unscramble: piirts spingicph. Spirit Chippings Unscramble: oemny opchu. Money Pouch Unscramble: rratodmeo. Moderator Unscramble: nmriiattasrdo. Administrator Unscramble: lodsdhrowa. Shadowlord What forging level do you need to create a Galaxy Glaive? 92 How many waves are in a hard mode raid? 9 What level do you need to access Superior Slayer? 98 How many skills are there in Apollo? 26 How many Pest Control points do you need to buy an Elite Staff? 3m / 3000000 What level is the Corporeal Beast? 785 What is the first 4 numbers of a max cash pile? 2147 How many Mario's do you need to kill to access the Sonic Zone? 50 What is more difficult, raids 1 or raids 2? 2 What is the first monster you commonly kill as a new player? Mario What is one of Apollo's custom skills? Raids / Forging What rank has a silver crown next to its' name? Moderator What rank has the money bag next to it? Investor What type of Pokemon is Mewtwo? Psychic What do you need to look out for when fighting Satanic Apollyon? Rocks What type of code is used to create Apollo? Java What month was Apollo released in? December What Universe is Drax from? Marvel What language is commonly spoken in Brazil? Portuguese Who is the Developer for Apollo? Jonny Who is the Youtuber of Apollo? Frimb
  7. What is your in-game name: Slayex Why do you want to be a Server Support: There's a gap in the current team for my timezone, particularly in the morning. The Ironman community need to have a voice on the team. Additionally, I'd like to bring new ideas to the table to help develop frequent community events hosted by the staff team. What experience do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server: I started playing RSPS back in 2013 when Runescape started to go downhill. After attempting to develop my own server with a few friends I felt that it wasn't as enjoyable as truly playing and experiencing what the game has to offer. I then went on to play several of the top RSPS being a player support on one and a wiki editor on another. That was until I came across @Jonny back in 2014 - where I really started to enjoy the game and upped my activity levels. Since then I've been a player moderator on Ikov, Runelive, Runique and Spawnscape. Why do you think you are the best fit as a Server Support: After completing my Ironman & spending 100's of hours with the community; I have one of the best over-all knowledge bases and activity levels in the game. I'm always helping players out via yell, help cc or private message. Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord: Always on discord and check the forums a few times a day. What is your timezone: BST What is your availability: Availability varies depending on my working schedule that day. But I'm 'online' for 12+ hours a day as I work from home. During the week this is typically from 8am until 1am and then 10am until 3-4am on the weekends (unless I have plans). Post a screenshot of your hours here: Thanks for reading, if you have any feedback or suggestions to help make me a better player - please let me know 🙂
  8. Hourly Instanced Knock-out PvP Tournaments Game modes: Pure/Zerker/Main Fight types: Normal/Hybrid/Tri-brid Rewards: 1B tickets, keys, boxes, rare chance at NEW Ascendant armour/weapons Leaderboard at home with total # of wins Weekly OFFICIAL tournament on Sundays with chosen rewards from @Jonny / @Frimb
  9. Slayex


    Great to hear you're also in to your cars mate! Currently carless... but I actually own nothing that keeps me in one location. I have family that work for Porsche so have grown up around some lovely cars. My bro always has 2-3 different cars, so getting to drive those around the country side is amazing! I really enjoy my work and usually work on my own projects after hours. But things that I enjoy in addition to making mula are listening to podcasts, cooking/eating, traveling, working out, watching american football/rugby with friends (plus loads of beer) and then learning! I've actually been researching different plants and ingredients from around the world for a few months for a project 🙂
  10. Hi everyone! Been playing a couple days now, but wanted to officially introduce myself to anyone who hasn't met me before 🙂 I've played on @Jonny's servers for the past 6 years now, predominantly as an Ironman, but this will be the first time playing a custom server! Really enjoying it so far. I'll be posting updates when I hit certain milestones on my journey to the completionist cape, so be on the lookout for that. I like to get involved in the community, so if you're ever looking for a duo partner or need help feel free to hmu in game or on discord: Slayex#7352
  11. I think the best alternative to them stacking would be the ability to store them in your POH 🙂
  12. Slayex


    Some great sugestions here mate, here's some feedback and questions:
  13. Great to see the addition of more achievements mate, the Bosses only option for Slayer is a MUSTT 😛

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