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  1. I do vouch, not because of friends but i do see you helping when some players ask for help, I do believe a good addition to the team due to hours played, can you please post a current hours played screenshot .
  2. This has been a good update so far, can't wait for the future ones,
  3. I do like this idea, I just think weekly is too much, maybe monthly ?
  4. Alone

    Apollo Trivia Guide

    Nice guide, hope to see these blanks filled soon
  5. Alone


    Who here is loving this server as much as I am, I hope everyone has great RNGeeus going forward - Comment your best drop you've got so far below, https://prnt.sc/td3w5u mine is enraged staff
  6. hell yea brother, looking good and the zone is mint
  7. I do understand this but it's all part of PvM and RNG server, make it too easy then everyone gets bored too easily, must make certain things a challenge.
  8. this is good can we please have this topic locked and promoted to top ~ @lollipop ?
  9. Alone


    I think your suggestions are rushed, please put more effort into these and discord suggestions get seen more and voted more by players than on here.
  10. sure would be nice if people didn't just care for an event and actually used forums normally but ahh well
  11. I think what would be nice is also having a minigame which is room after room, similar to recipe of disaster scenario, would be good, once you find a key you unlock next room and move on or you can choose to stay and farm in a certain room 😉
  12. looking good so far 😉
  13. Alone


    oh nice, i mainly watch anime
  14. Alone


    have not even seen supernat but heard it is good, just have not got the time to watch shows

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