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  1. Bought the cronic bow, but apparently the cyclonic rapier is better Also did all the hard achievements, should get comp cape either today or tomorrow!
  2. Really nice update! We all appreciate all the work you do for this server, Jonny!
  3. won a $10 bond from frimb's stream, so i'm a donator now 😛 Also did all easy/medium achievements, working on the hard/elite now
  4. Root

    override armour

    That's probably what he meant. I think it would be nice, but not sure if that's the best use of development time
  5. Nice video mate, wish i could hear ur voice tho
  6. Root's Goals & Achievements Username: Root Start date: May 23rd 2020 Donated: 10 Current stats: Current gear: Current goals: >> Max Cape [0/1] >> Completionist cape [0/1]
  7. Hello all, I just started playing Apollo317 a few hours ago and I'm having a such a good time. Looking forward to being part of this amazing community. Hope to see y'all in-game!
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