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  1. @Leetty my BB and yea Apollo is in my heart love yall 🙂
  2. @lukasltutysm my brother❤️
  3. @Dave oh my god Tysm my brother respect I love you so much❤️ Dave4mod
  4. +1 gl mate u are really helpful i love u brother
  5. what is your name in-game : ign Why do you want to be a Server Support : 1- I liked this server alot. also when I started I made alot of friends that I helped them and they helped me in alot of things about the server. 2- I love to help everyone in game that needed help and everyone new ingame that want help. Am not meaning help just in staff i meant help in knowledge like how to start and how to make money and alot of guides like ::frimb yt that the best thing its helped me alot and its help the server and the new players alot. 3-Also I want to help this server to grow up more and more and I love and I want to see us the top 1 of custom rsps and want to see alot players online. What experience do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server: To be honest I was twice mod in other rsps and before mod I was supporter more than twice. Why do you think you are the best fit as a Server Support: I dont think am the best fit as a server support am normal player that active alot in Apollo if we lookin to the other players there alot of players that more helpful than me, I love everyone in server and if want to think that am the best fit as a server supporter am so helpful to new players and everyone who need help ofc and also am so active in the game ik everything or not everything but ik alot ingame and i played alot of rsps before so i have alot of thing about rsps rules and everything. Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord: Am so active at the server discord and formus. what is your timezone : My timezone is UTC+02:00 What is your availability: Am playin 6-10 hours in day and i can play everyday I dont have anything to do inreal life just some reading. post a screenshot of your hours here : https://imgur.com/6OX8WG2
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