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  1. tad

    Superior Slayer Guide

    Hello Apollo Family, This is a guide on Superior Slayer. The best day to do Superior Slayer is Tuesday as you receive x2 slayer points! To start Superior Slayer you need to have level 98 Slayer. Once this is achieved you may select the Superior Slayer Master. to do this follow the simple instructions below. Click on the slayer skill in your Skills tab. That will bring up this menu. Next select the master! As you can see, here are your choices. Next teleport to the master by Going to your quest tab, and selecting the slayer icon at the bottom. When you arrive here in edgeville, you will see the Superior Slayer Master. Right click him and select task. Upon completion open back up this interface and teleport to your task! The current rewards for Superior Slayer. You can duo slayer by using a Slayer Gem on another Player. Add them to your team for faster kills. As always the Apollo Staff Team thanks you for supporting the server! #ApolloIsTheNumber1Server
  2. tad

    Instance Portal

    Hello Apollo Family, This is an Info Based guide to help you out. The portal pictured below is the instance Portal. This allows you to team up with a player who has an instance set up. the perks of joining an instance are that the boss has half the HP as it normally would. Another reason to join an instance is maybe it is crowded in the public boss. Keep in mind that bosses only drop to so many players. Located at home in the SouthWest Corner. As always the Apollo Staff Team thanks you for supporting the server! #ApolloIsTheNumber1Server
  3. Hello Apollo Family, This is a guide for the High Tier Boss Satanic Apollyon. He is a more difficult boss. AKA do not AFK This is Satanic Apollyon Combat level (1654) He can be killed by teleporting to him via the boss teleport. You can also start an instance for 10T. Keep in mind that if you are instancing a boss it will have half the health compared to fighting him in a public room. One thing you need to be careful about this boss is that he has a special move of dropping rocks. When he drops these rocks you need to move tiles to avoid being one hit. Pictured below are the drops of Satanic Apollyon This is the most valuable drop, and the one that most players seek. This concludes the guide on Satanic Apollyon As always the Apollo Staff Team thanks each and everyone of you for your support. #ApolloIsTheNumber1Server!
  4. Hello Apollo Family, Due to the increase of new players, I am going to create a guide on mid tier Bosses *it is recommend to have SoulSplit and Mid Tier gear for this guide* First on the list is Darth Vader. He drops various amazing loots to help you get started. Darth Vader Combat Level (6666) He is accessible by Clicking on the boss tab selecting "Darth Vader" and teleporting to him. You will either need to start an instance for 10T, or fighting the "storm troopers" and receiving a key to teleport to him. The storm troopers below are how you can receive a key. You can find them by teleporting to them via the Training teleport, scrolling down, then clicking on the teleport. You may use the stairs pictured here once you obtain a Darth Vader Key. The drop rate of this key depends on the current drop gear gear. Here are the drops you are seeking from Darth Vader. These drop rates depend on your gear. Moving onto the second boss we have on the list Drax The Destroyer He to can be accessed the same way as Darth Vader by Clicking on the boss tab selecting Drax The Destroyer and teleporting to him. He does not need a key to access him. Drax The Destroyer Combat level (1041) The drops you are seeking from him are pictured below: These drop rates depend on your gear. This concludes the guide on 2 mid tier bosses As always the Apollo Staff Team thanks you for supporting the server! Enjoy grinding these bosses! #ApolloIsTheNumber1Server
  5. Family of Apollo, Here is the most up to date Price Guide! This price guide will be updated weekly or as the staff team receives information on the most up to date pricing in game. Please do not hesitate to message me on discord @tad so i can keep this as up to date as possible! Thank-you all so much for being an amazing community that we are proud to call our family. -Your Apollo staff team- P.S. #ApolloIsTheNumber1Server! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z_wRTBflZ1ttnHkA0Qr5L0odCayEQg7F6t5K72hX4ZA/edit?usp=sharing
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