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  1. Alabama

    Banned and muted?

    @FisnaiYou are unbanned now. @LeetClose thread.
  2. Alabama

    Banned and muted?

    @FisnaiDirect message @Frimband Prophet and discord.
  3. Pbnj is really active with our community and always in voice chat talking to players. Also, in game he just doesn't stop talking in a good way? Kek. Huge Vouch. @Frimb @Jonny
  4. @branchNp. @LeetClose thread.
  5. I've gotten to know you more over VC and in game. I'd love to see this dude on our staff team.
  6. Yeah I look at your mute log I don't really see it getting removed. It is going to expire soon though, so thats a plus. @Zeltron
  7. Not bad idea. @Jonnyyou should check these out. Raid Slayer would be dope and pet right click fix, and ::hideplayers would be dope for stream bosses.
  8. Welcoming to the server. Hope you have fun on apollo.
  9. @DefiledIt was for 1 day and appeal won't be approved. Don't let it happen again we don't want to have to extend the ban longer. Pm me on discord or ingame if you have questions.
  10. Alabama

    Court's BAN Appeal

    If the mute is legitimate I could see that stand, but my recommendation is to remove the ban.
  11. Server was down for a sort period of time then. You should be good now.
  12. Alabama

    Forgot my password

    You will need to PM Prophet or Frimb on discord.

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