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  1. I believe theres a time for everything, right now its about pouncing quality content into the game, 😛 But its a great idea, for the Future, in my opinion Server's still semi new, has alot of place to grow on =p the prioriticing of things is important
  2. Apollo Server Suggestions - Imbue Make the launcher more alive, show newest videos, Current hot forums topics, and polls ext... Make the accounts Saved when logging in, able to delete em, instead of adding a new one and it deletes the one at top =p More donator benefits for last tiers of donator, Say 1000$+ = 25 % Chance at a extra roll on Raids loot table, 2500$+ Free yell title change A store in the new donator zones that are on the way 😉 Jonny <3, Which sells overloads 😃 to those who dosen't have the unlimited scroll More interraction between Players and staff team, theres a good amount now but its all random, there should be set days, maybe friday at 8 server time the Owners come on and spawn a streamboss for us, or pop off a hns 😃 Scheduled so everybody can join! 😄 Take Space predator off the world boss list, and add a new one =), Maybe a Enraged corp? Tarn? Or maybe something crazily Unique! Like Enrage hulk w special boss mechanics since its a custom and people can spam SS, It might be a good way to have you hurry to a marked ring, cause everywhere else will burn in flames 1hitting players that didnt make it to the circle =P Then adding space predator as a farmable boss, Since theres pretty much nobody doing space pred anymore as all items are 400t or less =X This new world boss would have crazy interactive mechanics and Some loot that reminds of the same style as mew, Not saying mage gear, but having those troll mboxes drop where u for a second thought u got something, This adds so much interaction to the game cause everybody gets hyped for a quick second ;D As i personally value the gear we wear alot and think auras is great looking but sometime feel theyre a little annoying, Add ;;Hideaura similar to ;;hidepets Member of the month, since this server is VERY Discord active, it should definetly be focused on there, instead of a forum post, maybe adding a new channel have people nominated then have all the players vote on people under different topics, winners will ofc receive a price 😃 This isnt something unique but its very community active and its hella fun Currently theres a suggestion which i like alot the original idea by ''Alabama'' Was great it sounds, a owner's ring which has a 1/250 chance at doubling drops This wouldnt be OP At all, its a great idea =D And its rare to have your crazy drops doubled So i think its great, However My idea would be, And yes this going to be a long one, Adding a Owner's Necklace Instead with the same idea of a chance at doubling drops, 1/250, As it would collect items aswell, getting rid of the ol' boring collector's necklace 😄 I know there's just been an update of a new necklace, but this Owner's Necklace would be very late late game, Here you would have your owners necklace work as a collectors necklace then adding a NEW Minigame to gather a new Arrow slot item Which my idea would be ''Ranger's Medallion T1/T2/T3'' ''Warrior's Medallion'' ''Mage's Medallion'' With a tier system upgraded which only the most GEARED Player's would be able to aquire, a challenging minigame, which requires alot of Concentration, its a custom rsps, so the healing of your Soulsplit will always be insane!, But having you move around from spot to spot, attacking from each spot, else you would be 1hit, or your prayer would be drained to 0, This is ofcourse just a thought i can let my mind scramble a little more and come up with a bigger explanation of my idea of this if the interest is there, Then later on adding something Owner's like to the ring slot, just dont think the doubling of drops has a home in the ring slot 😃 Let me know your thoughts!, This is all some ideas ive gotten here today, I have posted tons of suggestions already in discord, and i will of course continue Sorry if theres some repeats from my old discord posts 😃 -- Imbue OUT (MIC DROP)
  3. +10000 Insta promotion to mod please. greatest fella
  4. Hey what's up guys, taking inspiration from Taco Nsynq N Jase, i thought i would make a little introduction myself! Im 19 Years old live in Denmark Been playing apollo for a lil over a month and im completely in love!!! This is by far the greatest community i've seen on a rsps! The staff team is very dedicated and doing an amazing job! I've gotten quite many friends on here now and i really do sincerely appreciate you all, Making this quarentine a little more bareable for me who has now not been working for about 43 Days! My goals on apollo are quite simple right now i've achieved my first custom and hope to get a full custom loadout through ingame activities! I've been playing rsps on n off for about 11 Years Note: All of my english have been learned on runescape! =D Cool fact Biggest achivements Starting the Raven1 meme Buttcheek apollo tattoo 😃 Real life Name : Mads (Pronounced Maz) Im currently in the Danish army and when i get back to work the 10th of may i wll mostly only play weekends as i take my work very seriously and i need to be focused on the weekdays,! While being home i've achieved myself a love for running and been doing that alot every second day 😃 Really appreciate all of you! Let's get this introduction trend popping! Love Mads/Imbue
  5. Love you taco, might make an introduction myself, great fella, love having you around best spirit <3, Goodluck on all your grinds fella and grats on finally getting that ownercape!!!! Imbue/Mads
  6. Nice to meet ya Jasper seen ya abunch ingame, Lovely person, goodluck on all your grinds brother, Imbue/Mads
  7. Hey, Some of you might've seen my first staff feedback, as i've gotten further into my adventure on Apollo and have met most staff members, im doing a (almost) full review 😄 Our Lovely Owners ❤️ : love that you've gotten this server up n running it's truely amazing, and unlike other servers i feel that the players can see that you care for it, Problems are solved with complete proffesionalism, Truely great, can't wait to see the future of apollo update wise and video wise 😃 Administrator Adam: Bald asfuck, Just kidding you're the greatest man, you always manage to get the community together for a stream boss or a few mews, or a poker night in general chat. You're truely doing a great job ❤️ Moderator Bandarr: Booster buster bandarr As i like to call ya, You're definetly one of the most proffesional moderators i've ever seen you're truely doing a great job ❤️ Moderator Leet: Don't see ya ingame much lately probably because of timezones, You're a great moderator however and you've helped me alot in the start aswell as i see you do to others ❤️ Moderator Pewpew: Pewbes my boy, Definetly a big deserved rankup You're completely amazing and you don't hesistate even though a punishment goes to one of your friends, This is a thing i've seen on other servers being a problem ❤️ So great job 😄 Sorry you've had to mute me 😄❤️ Grats on mod again brother. And thanks again for all the help you gave me when i started on apollo ❤️ Support Raven1: 😄 You sir, are a very dedicated Support, you're always helping people and i've never seen you do bad or have me think oof 😄❤️ Keep up the great work raven1, My boi ❤️ Support Sheep/Arcinest: Baaa baaa baaaaaa 😄 Very funny guy, love ya always see ya helping people ingame when you're on keep up the great work man also helped me alot 😄 Support R I S K S: New staff memeber can't wait to see how ya do ❤️ Definetly a big grats on your rank 😄 Feel its too early for me to write a review however Support Dave: Seen you log in once or twice but never really seen you speak o.o 😄 hope to meet ya one day =p Pretty sure thats everyone ;D Felt like today was a good time to come with a lil mood-refresher, You all are a awesome team and you really have a great community going, Fuck the haters Apollo stays strong ❤️ -Imbue
  8. Hey just making this post to give some credit out to the amazing staff members i've spoken with ingame or on discord 😃 Administrator Adam: Never seen an admin on a rsps who handles players this great, he manages to answer all pms in a nice way, and overall helped me alot, i bet he helped others just as much, Big applause to you Adam ❤️ Moderator Leet: Amazingly friendly guy, helped me alot with gear and just answered all my dumb questions So really thanks ❤️ Server support Pewpew: Really nice guy, helped me the day i started with what to do, really gave me blood on my teeth, and first day iwas here i was up till 5am, mostly cause i had that great a start so Thank you ❤️ Server support Arcinest: This is by far one of the most active staff members in the cc, really manages to answer All questions. truely a help Thank you ❤️ Hopefully i can update this later on when i get some more time ingame with all other staff members ❤️ To the owners, You guys cant have all the sunshine you know we all love you ❤️
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