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  1. https://gyazo.com/1644821484239e2875101569b3cd4ec6 No pet or prayer included.
  2. lukasltu

    Account recovery.

    Private message @Leetor @Bandarr.
  3. lukasltu

    Court's BAN Appeal

    I've talked to you both ingame and on discord about this issue, you didn't show any aggresion or violent frustration even after i told you that I WILL ban you, considering it was a ban after some time passed after the incident. You've shown yourself mature to me and @Alabama saw that the 2 accounts made really weren't atleast on your IP. Considering the obviously seen effort on your apply I would like you to get a second chance and get your main unbanned.
  4. Welcome to apollo Root, its ncie that you like our server and we hope to see u on your road to becoming the best of the best 😄 Let us know if u ever need help 😄
  5. Seen you helping out people, and overall a really nice guy. +1

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