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  1. Damn thanks man! Yeah, been playing a bunch recently and a lot more to come. Thanks for your support my dude 😉
  2. Jigga

    Donation Help

    Hey man. I've seen you've mentioned that you have PM'ed Frimb and Prophet already on Discord. Try update your message to them so it brings it to the top of the list, they get plenty of messages throughout the day and hopefully will respond to your next message and resolve this issue ASAP for you, other than that there is no-one from the staff team who could assist you with this issue so directly contacting them on Discord as you have will be the best/fastest way to get your situation handled with. 🙂
  3. Thanks a bunch my dude! Top guy yourself also, been fun chatting and playing with you since I've came back to Apollo 🙂
  4. I appreciate that man. The only way to prove something is by being given a chance 🙂
  5. No longer interested in providing my support.
  6. Jigga

    Account recovery.

    Issue was resolved very quickly by a helpful Admin @Leet Appreciate it, thread can be closed.
  7. Looking pretty damn fancy if you ask me, nice work man.
  8. Jigga

    Account recovery.

    I'd like some assistance recovering an account of mine, I have messaged both Prophet and Frimb about this issue over a week ago on Discord but due to it not being donation related they aren't going to reply to me. Thanks.

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