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  1. Great Update @Jonny. Alot of great stuff in this update!
  2. Leet

    Ban Appeal Bastull

    Handled. Locking Thread
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    Account recovery.

    You are very welcome!
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    Forgot my password

    If you still need your password you can message me.
  5. Server is supposed to come online today at 2pm est
  6. Nice Guy! Super Helpful! Very Active! Would like to see you as an addition to our staff team! Good luck with your application!
  7. Leet

    Gods Appeal

    Locked.. Situation Handled.
  8. I pinned this post. Good to have.
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    Staff Feedback

    @Adapt Thank you very much for your kind words. Good luck to you.
  10. @Ign You seem to be a really good guy. Always seem to have Apollo's best interest at heart. I +1 for Server Support. Feel you deserve a shot. Good luck!
  11. Your application looks great! Try to be a little more active. If you do I +1
  12. I can +1. Voldemort has been around ever since I can remember. Always a good guy. Thanks for your application. Good luck!
  13. Since the release of Raids 2 I have tried to gather a list of information I feel is useful for Raids 2. First things first Gear/Stat Requirements: 99 Farming, Herblore, Fishing, Cooking, Woodcutting, Prayer (SS and Turmoil) and Combat Stats. Recommended: bring the best drop rate bonus that you can afford. Type ::Items in-game for Item Tier Lists, Drop Rates & Locations Starting a Raid Go to Minigame Teleports in Spellbook and Teleport to (Raids 2) Once there Speak with the Master of Raids 2 about your party. Room #1 (Starting Room) Once here you buy the items you need to progress in Skilling Room Refer to Role Buy in Info (Linked at the Bottom). After that proceed to the Skilling Room. Room #2 (Skilling Room) Now that you have entered the skilling room complete the challenges Located at the (?) Icon (Task Board) located just north of the Slayer's area. All Tasks for All Difficulties are linked below in Info (Linked at the Bottom) Room #3 (Minions Room) Once here. Farm the Godly Warfighters until you collect a Orb of Genesis. (Only need 1 per party) Room #4 (Olm MiniBoss) This room is really easy, Just kill the Miniboss to progress to the next room. Room #5 (Final Bank Room) Your final chance to bank between you and your teammates at the Shared Raid Bank is here (Recommended that you redose on a Godly Potion before next room). Room #6 (Final Boss Room) The Boss for Raids 2 is Name Soul Reaper. The name would suggest that he isn't the easiest of foes. He has similar mechanics to the Satanic Apollyon Boss. Just be careful to watch out for his rocks and try not to get Rocked while Stunned! Pray Soulsplit | Pay Attention | You Win Once The boss has be vanquished; Go ahead and proceed to the Chest Room. Room #7 (Chest Room) To finish off the raid simply claim your raids chest. There is no reason to use the banks or shops here TBH. It will teleport you back to the main lobby shortly after. THIS IS MY WRITTEN INFORMATION ABOUT RAIDS 2. CHECK ROLES/ROLE BUYS (IF NEEDED) If anyone finds this guide useful please make sure to leave me some feedback. Would love to hear what you guys think. Good Luck EVERYONE! -Leet

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