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  1. IMPORTANT: If you are having an issue where you can not talk to the ghost of apollo, or guardian you may need to go onto the next step OR back track a step. Step 1: Starting the quest Talk to pumpkin pete at home Step 2: Ghostspeak amulet Obtain a ghostspeak amulet by killing revenants You can kill revenants at Port Phasmatys (right click 'teleport' option on Pumpkin pete) The amulet is needed to be able to talk to the Ghost of Apollo Step 3: Agreeing to help the Ghost of Apollo Go south of Port Phasamatys, and exit the barrier, you will need to talk to the Ghost of Apollo You will need to agree to help him. After you agree to help him, he explains that you need survivalist blood. Step 4: Survivalist Blood To get survivalist blood, you must get a needle and a empty vial. To get a needle - Teleport to the crafting area by clicking on the Crafting skill. Trade the master crafter and buy a needle. To get a empty vial - Teleport to the herblore area by clicking the Herblore skill. Trade the herblore shop and buy a vial of water. Un-note the vial of water in your bank, and right click 'Empty vial of water' to get a empty vial. Once you have talked to him, you can now go find any survivalist player in the game. Use your needle on him, and your empty vial will fill up with Survivalist Blood. Step 5: Return to Ghost of Apollo You will need to return to the Ghost of Apollo and let him know that you have found survivalist blood. Step 6: Enter graveyard Now that you have obtained Survivalist blood and talked to the ghost, you have now unlocked his teleport. Right click 'teleport' on him to teleport to the graveyard. Step 7: Wake up the guardian Use your survivalist blood on the guardian grave to spawn the guardian. Step 8: Talk to graveyard guardian Talk to the graveyard guardian that spawns. He will tell you that you need to kill zombies to get an enchanted brain. Step 9: Attempt to attack a zombie Attempt to attack a zombie, you wont be able to. Step 10: Talk to the Guardian again He will explain that you need a haunted weapon to attack the zombies. The ghost of apollo knows where to obtain one. Step 11: Return to ghost of apollo You need to go ask the ghost of apollo how you can get a haunted weapon. Go back to Pumpkin Pete, and use his 'teleport' option to get back to Port Phasamatys. Run back to the ghost of apollo and talk to him. Step 12: Find the haunted weapon Go home, and find the lucky chest. You must dig near the lucky chest to get the haunted weapon. REMINDER: If you skipped any steps, you will not be able to find the weapon. NOTE: To get a spade, you can buy one from the shopkeeper in edgeville. Step 13: Kill zombies to get an enchanted brain You must now go use the 'telepoort' option on Pumpkin Pete, to get to Port Phasmatys. Then run to the Ghost of Apollo, and use the 'teleport' option on him to get to the graveyard. if the graveyard is full, you can use the 'instance' option on the guardian grave to have your own instanced area. Kill zombies until you get an enchanted brain. Step 14: Return the enchanted brain You need to go back to the Ghost of Apollo, by talking to Pumpkin Pete and using his 'teleport' option to get to Port Phasmatys. After you are at Port Phasmatys, run to the Ghost of Apollo and talk to him. You will give him your enchanted brain and then the quest is complete! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - To spawn the grim reaper global boss, you must kill zombies to obtain sweets. Killing zombies is the ONLY way to obtain sweets. - The grim reaper global boss can ONLY be attacked if you have completed the halloween event. - You can instance the zombie area by right clicking the guardian GRAVE and clicking 'instance' - To get a empty vial, buy a vial of water from the herblore shop. Right click the vial of water and click 'empty' AFTER you un-note it at the bank. - To get a needle, go to the crafting shop and buy one. - To get a spade, go to edgeville and buy one from the shop keeper. - You can NOT skip any step on the event.
  2. DPS Zone 1 Head south of home to the train zone to find the DPS portal. You can choose to either go to the regular DPS zone or instance it. At DPS Zone 1, there are 3 new monsters to kill. Each monster drops a 2% crystal. Mr Incredible - Drops 2% Melee Crystal Rango - Drops 2% Range Crystal Super Buu - Drops 2% Magic Crystal Once you have obtained ALL 3 crystals as a drop, you can advance to the next zone. To advance to the next zone you use the portal in the middle. DPS Zone 2 Once you have completed DPS Zone 1, you can enter DPS Zone 2. At DPS Zone 2, there are 3 new monsters to kill. Each monster drops shards used to forge 2% crystals into 4% and 6% crystals. Grim Reaper - Drops Melee Shards Coyote - Drops Range Shards Mordecai - Drops Magic Shards After you obtain shards, you can use them to forge your crystal into a better one. Pocket Slot We are introducing a NEW EQUIPMENT SLOT to Apollo! This new equipment slot is placed to the right of your "legs" slot and is called the "pocket" slot! This slot will host items that offer different bonuses, effects, boosts, and more! We have a lot of awesome items planned for this slot, starting with the new DPS CRYSTALS that can be found in the updates above! Ultimate Mystery Box This is the BEST Mystery Box you can purchase on all of Apollo! This box contains EVERY item in the Apollo store in various amounts! Items over $300 are considered Jackpot Items! This box contains everything from Remastered Boxes to the ALPHA ATTACHMENT! Buy it today and test your luck! Other Updates - Fixed bugs with not being able to sell items to the pawn shop that are listed as sellable. - Fixed the price of resurgence shield in the pawn shop sell list. - The respawn timer for mewtwo has been made faster. - The trio bosses all now give 8 pvm points. - Fixed a bug where the activity box timer would stop working and you would not receive any rewards. - Supreme Donators can now use the open bank feature in the Donator App/Panel
  3. Hello, This is a small update for a few needed changes to Apollo. Superior Mystery Box Rework The superior boxes have not been reworked since their initial release of Superior Slayer. The worse items have been removed from the box, and newer items have been added to make it worth buying it. Trio Boss Drops Rework You can now directly obtain the new auras / quivers from the Trio bosses now, instead of only being able to obtain them from the Fantastic chest. The new quivers/auras have been added as a 1/5000 drop rate. The fantastic keys have been lowered to a 1/2000 drop rate. ALL of the new quivers now have the collectors benefit. Pawn Shop Price Rework Huge thanks to Leet, Taco, and anyone else that helped with compiling our new pawn shop price list. The following items have been made sell-able to the pawn shop: Psychic Armor Pieces - 3Q ea Third-age spirit shield - 250T Bloodbone Spirit Shield - 500T Shadowlord Protector - 1Q Demonlord Protector - 2.5Q Resurgence Shield - 5Q Enraged Armor Pieces - 5Q ea Demon Hunter Armor Pieces - 5Q ea Oblivion Armor Pieces - 5Q Demonic Necklace 2.5T Dragonrage Armor Pieces - 750T Shadowlord Platebody - 1Q Shadowlord Platelegs - 1Q Demonlord Platebody - 2.5Q Demonlord Platelegs - 2.5Q Zionic Body - 2q Zionic Legs - 2Q Steadfast Boots - 150B Draconic Boots - 75T Predator Boots - 200T Galaxy Boots - 300T Shadowlord Boots - 1Q Primidian Boots - 1.5Q Demonlord Boots - 2.5Q Oblivion Boots - 5Q Ragefire Boots - 150B Stormwell Boots - 1.5Q Enraged Boots - 5Q Glaiven Boots - 150B Dragonrage Boots - 750T Glacier Boots - 1.5Q Zionic Boots - 2Q Demon Hunter Boots - 5Q Eye of the Warrior - 50T Eye of the Mage - 50T Eye of the Ranger - 50T Galaxy Ring - 300T Ring of Oblivion - 600T Ring of Abstraction - 600T Ring of Determination - 600T Satanic Ring - 1.5Q Ancient Ring (Melee) - 2.5Q Ancient Ring (Magic) - 2.5Q Ancient Ring (Range) - 2.5Q Magicians Amulet - 20T Collectors Amulet - 75T Demonic Necklace - 5T Collectors Amulet (I) - 125T Destruction Necklace - 400T Mysterio's Amulet - 1Q Shadow Sword - 25T Superior Claws - 100T Mayonaise - 50T Nutella - 50T Crazy Pete - 100T Rare Pete - 150T Skotizo - 250T Star - 550T Cerberus - 750T Baby Yoda - 1Q MewTwo - 2Q Satanic Apollyon - 2.5Q Soulreaper - 5Q Draconic Gloves - 75T Predator Gloves - 150T Shadowlord Gloves - 1Q Demonlord Gloves - 2.5Q Oblivion Gloves - 5Q Enraged Gloves - 5Q Dragonrage Gloves - 750T Zionic Gloves - 1Q Demon Hunter Gloves - 5Q Trio Wings - 100T Dreadfowl Wings - 20T Dragonrage Wings - 1.75Q Zionic Wings - 2.5Q Resurgence Wings - 5Q Eternal Aura - 50T Demonic Aura - 300T Galaxy Aura - 750T Shadowlord Aura - 1.75Q Satanic Aura - 2.5Q Resurgence Aura - 5Q Spirit Cape - 1T Draconic Cape - 75T TokHaar-Kal-Ket - 150T TokHaar-Kal-Mej - 150T TokHaar-Kal-Xil - 150T Destruction Cape - 500T Superior Cape - 1Q Collectors Quiver - 1.5Q Godly Quiver - 5Q Partyhats - 250T Santa Hat - 25T Bunny Ears - 10T Grain - 10T Elite Scroll - 20T Orb of Slaying - 100T Demonlord attachment - 1Q Oblivion Scythe - 5Q Enraged Staff - 5Q Demon Hunter Crossbow - 5Q Demonlord Blade - 3Q Demonlord Bow - 3Q Psychic Staff - 3Q Shadowlord Blade - 1.5Q Shadowlord Bow - 1.5Q Galaxy Glaive - 1.5Q Elite Staff - 500T Cronic Bow - 250T Zionic Bow - 100T Cyclonic Reaper - 250T Dragonrage Blowpipe - 100T Demonic Glaive - 100T Predator Scythe - 200T Deadly assasin blade - 175t Draconic Reaper - 150t Blue Lightsaber - 100T Red Lightsaber - 100T Superior Brutal Whip - 25t Demonic Bow - 50T Demonic Staff - 25T Superior Minigun - 30T Icey Bow - 17.5T Ice Minigun - 15T Demonic Brutal Whip - 17.5t Tortured Minigun - 10t Other Updates - When using the monster drop list search function, you no longer have to search twice to make it work. - All of the new quivers now have the collectors benefits
  4. Trio Bosses Fantastic Trio Bosses Note-able Drops: 2x, 4x, 6x Fantastic Keys! KC Requirement: 500 Destiny Warriors + 500 Farseer Wizard Mechanics: 1 - Trio Pillager = Hurls a blast at you that freezes you in place for 10 seconds (you can avoid this by moving) 2 - Trio Defiler = Hurls a blast at you that De-Spawns your summoned pet (you can avoid this by moving) 3 - Trio Obliterator = Hurls a blast at you that turns all prayers OFF (you can avoid this by moving) Fantastic Keys New Fantastic Keys & Chest Common rewards: 10T-100T, 2x Heavy Cash Box, 3x Heavy Cash Box, 1x Shadowlord Goodie-Bag, 1x Galaxy Goodie-Bag, 2x Raid 1 Key, Superior Brutal Whip, Superior Minigun, Staff of Ice, Ice Pernix set, Ice Virtus Set, Eye Rings, Eternal Aura, Trio Wings, (1-40) Rare rewards: Remastered Box, 10x Lucky Keys, 5x Fantastic Keys, $10 Bond, 5x Raids 3 Keys, 2x Raids 2 Goodie-Bag, Destruction Cape, 500T-1Q Cash (1-80) Jackpot Rewards: Menacing Aura, Lucky Aura, Menacing Quiver, Lucky Quiver, Collectors Quiver (e), Remastered Box (e), $50 Bond, Mythical Magician Pet, Ballistic Ranger Pet, Royal Knight Pet How To Obtain Fantastic Keys: - NEW Fantastic Trio: 2x , 4x, and 6x Fantastic Key Drops (Very Rare) - Destiny Warrior + Farseer Wizard: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare) - Raid 3: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare) - Vote Boss: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare) - Global Boss: 2x Fantastic Key Drop (Very Rare) - Store Page New Auras Menacing Aura - 15% DMG Boost To All Combat Styles Lucky Aura - 25% Drop Rate New Quivers Menacing Quiver - 15% DMG Boost To All Combat Styles Lucky Quiver - 25% Drop Rate Collectors Quiver (e) - Collectors effect with 16% Drop Rate New Forging Items Items added to Forging: - Oblivion Set + Weapon - Demon Hunter Set + Weapon - Enraged Set + Weapon Raids Shop A raids shop was added in 2.0, and the prices have now been set. You will get points from all Raids: Raids 1 - 1 point Raids 2 - 3 points Raids 3 - 4 points Other Updates - Champion attachment is no longer available on the store - Fixed all client chat tabs showing staff messages - Server supports now have a global login message - New daily reward items have been set - You can no longer access Jad - There is now 3 of each boss at Alpha zone
  5. Hello, On the 28th, we will be releasing information about something huge coming to Apollo. This update released is much shorter than most of our content updates in the past. This is because I have been putting most of my time into the updates that will be announced on the 28th. Well Of Goodwill Rework The well of goodwill is something that has been dead in Apollo for awhile now. We are excited to announce the complete rework of it. The new well of goodwill takes up to 100t, every 25t is a new benefit. 30% Bonus XP Double Slayer Points Double Trivia Points 5% Drop Rate Spawn Global Bosses Champion's Ring You can now forge all 3 ancient rings into an Ultimate ring that is a hybrid ring for all combat styles. It will also give higher damage + drop rate. New Champion's Set A new champion's attachment has been released into Apollo. Currently the only way to obtain this attachment is through Champion Mystery Boxes, that you can obtain through the donation store. This set has higher drop rate than the Enraged set, and if you wear the ENTIRE set, it will give you 25% extra damage boost in addition to the 10% godly quiver provides. Champion's Mystery Box This mystery box is purchasable on the donation store for $5, or you can buy bonds in-game and buy them from the donator shop for 5 donator points. Rare is 3%, Uncommon is 7% Other Updates Mysterio changes: Mysterio will now deal higher damage, with a chance to 1 hit. Mysterio will now switch prayers Added ::staff to view what staff are online. 'Deals' tab in the donation store in-game has been replaced with accessories. This tab now has all amulets, rings, auras, etc to stop clutter in the 'gear' tab. New items will now show in the donator shop in-game. Potions will now disappear after the last dose. You can now sell noted items to the pawn shop Zionic archer dry drop rate has been lowered from 1k to 500 The following updates have been temporarily reverted for 24 hours: These updates were reverted due to me not having the most up to date files when coding the current game update and not noticing until 30 minutes ago. I will be working today on recoding the updates below and releasing them into the game. Slayer mystery boxes no longer announce junk loot globally Superior mystery boxes no longer announce globally as a rare drop Youtubers can now drop items, trade and use POS Investors now have a global login message Reworked the colors for all staff login messages For the first 8 hours as a new player, you will get a drop at any boss regardless of how much damage you have dealt. New players now start with 100b instead of 500m Fixed the bug in POS where you would spam click 'confirm' buy an item, and it would sometimes buy 2 of the same item, or another random item. You can now do ::togglemenu to toggle the menubar at the top of the client. Fixed a typo on the complete 5 runs of raids 2 daily task Update on Custom Items Orders Custom item orders will be permanently discontinued soon. In the past I have been very inaccurate on the time estimates for releasing custom item orders and when I have been accurate on them, it has caused problems with releasing updates on time. I personally feel it is more important to release updates that everyone can enjoy, than release specific custom items that only 1 player can enjoy. Overall there are too many problems with custom item orders, so they will no longer be added into the game. If you currently have a custom item order, it will be released in a game update within 24 hours along with the updates that were reverted above.
  6. Hello, this update is for a few bug fixes & quality of life changes. ULTIMATE SLAYER COMING SOON! Mysterio's drop rate for the ancient rings has been changed to 1/3k instead of 1/1750 A new ring will be released soon that will allow you to combine all of these together to make a hybrid ring, with slightly more bonus. Fixed the bug where you would cut trees and get 4 logs instead of 1. Demonic potions now work in the wilderness Slayer mystery boxes no longer announce junk loot globally Superior mystery boxes no longer announce globally as a rare drop Youtubers can now drop items, trade and use POS Goodiebags are now stackable Investors now have a global login message Reworked the colors for all staff login messages For the first 8 hours as a new player, you will get a drop at any boss regardless of how much damage you have dealt. New players now start with 100b instead of 500m Fixed the bug in POS where you would spam click 'confirm' buy an item, and it would sometimes buy 2 of the same item, or another random item. You can now get a godly quiver from galaxy island. There are a couple of these already in the economy, they were made for custom item holders that had been waiting a long time for their customs. Gives 10% damage increase to all stats. Provides higher drop rate than the collectors quiver Has the 'collection' feature You can now do ::togglemenu to toggle the menubar at the top of the client. Fixed a typo on the complete 5 runs of raids 2 daily task Custom items are being released in the next update, some time in the next couple of days.
  7. Hello everyone, In this update we are releasing a lot of new content, especially gambling which was recently passed on a poll! Gambling Originally, the idea was to release rock paper scissors. This idea has since been scrapped, due to the gambling concept not being 'hands on'. I didn't want to release something where you just click a button on an interface to decide the fate of your wealth. Instead, I decided to release flower poker for now and the rock paper scissors concept will have more thought put into it before it's released. We may also go in a completely different direction and release poker or black jack in the future. For now, flower poker is the main gambling option in Apollo. In order to start gambling, you will need a gambling certificate. You can obtain the gambling certificate from either slayer shop, or ::store. Once you obtain the certificate, click it to unlock gambling. To start gambling type ::gamble You can purchase mithril seeds / dice bag from the gambler. Original rock paper scissors interface: Daily Rewards How this works: Every day that you login, you will get a random reward. These rewards will rotate every 10 days and will be picked in advance by a developer. The rewards will change every 10 days. You will not know the reward you will get until the day of the specific reward. Everyone will get the same reward for each day, it is impossible for it to get offset. To claim the reward you must open this in the quest tab > purple icon (tools tab) > Daily Rewards. After you open the interface, you select the specific day you want to claim. Nitro Mystery Box To obtain a nitro mystery box, you must nitro boost the discord server then contact an owner on discord with the in-game username you want to receive the box. A nitro boost on discord, is a perk of purchasing discord nitro, discords subscription that provides benefits for your discord account. When you purchase discord nitro from Discord, you automatically receive 2 free boosts/month. Demonic Potions Every day that you login as a donator, you will receive a demonic potion for free. This potion will give you 150 all stats for 1 hour. Depending on your donator rank you will receive extra demonic potions. Divine & Supreme Donator - 1 potion/day for free Ultimate Donator - 2 potions/day for free Investors - 3 potions/day for free The potions are automatically given to you, when claiming your daily reward. In addition to this update, infinite overloads/prayer now will liquidate for 40 donator points instead of 50. When using your infinite overload scroll, it will also provide the 150 boost. Mysterio Boss Mysterio is the latest boss to arrive in Apollo! You can find him at the bottom of the boss teleport list. How his combat script works will not be released, you will have to figure it out on your own! This provides a challenge. He drops: Ancient rings (melee, range, magic) - Best in slot Mysterio's amulet - Best in slot amulet Other Updates Liquidating infinite overload/prayer now will give you 40 donator points instead of 50. Space predator changes: Lowered from 6m health to 2m Can now use pring on it Moved to tier 23 (between skotizo and cerberus) Added to superior slayer Lowered mewtwo dry counter from 1000 to 500 Fixed price of raids 1 keys in trivia shop Added 11 new trivia questions These will not be released, you will have to figure them out! Donators now get more spirit chippings, depending on ur donator rank scaling from Donator to Investor. Ultimate donators now get double trivia points, and investors get triple points. The person you are teleporting to using the instance portal must now have you added on his friends list in order for you to be able to teleport to him. Fixed kill 350 draconic warbeasts achievement saying brutal demons When logging in as a new player, it now says you have increased drop rate instead of 200% drop rate. Monday drop rate bonus has been changed to a 20% chance to get double drops when pvming. Made items sellable to pawn shop: Eye rings - 50t Collectors amulet - 75t Collectors amulet (i) - 125t Third-age spirit shield - 150t When leaving raids 2 it will now automatically delete your raids 2 items. When locking your slayer rewards, it will now give your slayer points back. Satanic apollyon can now be 1 shotted Update Ideas (Coming Soon) Custom clue scrolls, providing cosmetic items to wear while gambling. Raids 3, with new best in slot items (possibly in August) Texas hold-em, black jack, rock paper scissors gambling games Ultimate slayer expansion, similar to superior slayer but with new items, monsters, and bosses. A new event, similar to the easter event, but provides orbs that you can use on your oblivion/enraged/demon hunter sets to make them better and a different color. 120 skills, with skilling being made as profitable as PvM A new prayer book, with custom prayers that provide specifial benefits
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  9. Hello everyone, This update consists of a couple of new content additions to the game. If you find any bugs with the update make sure you report them in #bug-reports on discord. Raids 2 Keys Raids 2 keys are the same concept as the Raids 1 keys. You can obtain the keys from the donator shop or raids 2 goodiebags. When opening a raid key it will not teleport you out of the rooom. The raids chest now has an 'Search-25' option to quickly open the raids keys. Slayer Rewards The slayer rewards are a new feature on Apollo, where you can spend superior slayer points to obtain unique benefits to help you during slayer. To access the rewards right click the superior slayer master and click 'Rewards' New Achievements New achievements have been added, I am going to start adding new achievements with every future content update. View updates below for full list of the achievements. Other Updates When logging in, it will now automatically update your saved accounts password if you have changed it. You can now sell noted thieving items to the pawn shop Added drop rate to slayer helmets: Slayer helmet [1] = 1% Slayer helmet [2] = 1.75% Slayer helmet [3] = 2.5% Slayer helmet [4] = 3.5% Pvm mystery boxes will no longer announce junk loot globally Fixed a bug where new players would automatically be added to a non existant clan chat You can no longer trade pets while having it summoned Added 13 new achievements EASY: Open 1 galaxy chest Complete an anagram @ cashzone MEDIUM: Complete A Resurgence Raid (Raids 2) Open 10 galaxy chests Complete 5 anagrams HARD: Complete 35 Resurgence Raids (Raids 2) Open 50 galaxy chests Kill 75 Drax The Destroyer Kill 50 Satanic Apollyon ELITE: Complete 100 Resurgence Raids (Raids 2) Open 100 galaxy chests Kill 250 Drax The Destroyer Kill 150 Satanic Apollyon
  10. Hello everyone, If you haven't already seen, we have released our new website. Many many many more updates to come, I will be working hard in the upcoming weeks to try and start releasing upwards of 2 content releases a week! Achievement rewards and daily tasks rewards have been reworked. All bill ticket rewards are now 10x of what they used to be Every achievement now gives a mystery box Easy = Beginner box Medium = Pvm box Hard = Slayer box Elite = Superior box Daily task rewards now give a lot more money, and a lucky key for each completed task. Daily tasks have been reworked Added discord bot Currently the bot will: Announce rare drops / loots in #game-feed Update the players online at the top of the discord This is the second trial of the discord bot. The first trial was back when we released, and it had to be removed due to the server crashing. The bot has been completely reworked to fix this issue. If all goes well and stage 2 trials pass, we could have many many more features such as discord > in-game account linking, player owned shop discord notifications, discord gambling, and much more. Void knight boss will now give pest control points Added a pet soulreaper obtainable from Raids 2 1/750 chance to obtain it from Raids 2 chest Sellable to pawn shop for 500t 4.5% drop rate boost and 26% damage increase Drax now drops the destruction maul in the rare category instead of very rare category. The very rare drop rate on drax has been lowered by 25% Imbued scroll is now in the pvm shop for 1500 points Superior claws can now be sold to the pawn shop for 25t Fixed another bug where you could open player owned shops in Raids 2 You can now sell $1 rank tickets to the pawn shop for 10t When attempting to drop more than 1t at a time on the ground, the server will confirm with you. Oblivion helmet now is better than a demonlord partyhat Fixed a bug where you could use raids 2 obelisks outside of raids 2 Added slayer helmets that give damage increase while you are on a slayer assignment To obtain the first slayer helmet, you can purchase it in the regular slayer shop / superior slayer shop. There are 4 versions of the slayer helmet, to upgrade it you must obtain an orb of slaying. To obtain the orb of slaying, you must complete slayer tasks. Superior slayer tasks = 1/35 chance Regular slayer tasks = 1/70 chance Once you obtain the orb of slaying, you use the orb on your slayer helmet to upgrade it. Added commands to teleport to global bosses ::mew - teleport to mewtwo global boss ::za - teleport to zionic archer global boss Added ::star to teleport to the shooting star You can no longer login to the game using VMWare, people were using this to bypass our ban system
  11. Hello everyone, In this update we are releasing Zionic Archer into the game. Zionic Archer A new global boss has spawned in Apollo. He will spawn every 30 minutes in various cities. The range armour he drops is second best in slot. Space Predator Changes Space predator is now a regular boss instead of a global boss. You can find space predator in the boss teleports. In addition to being made a regular boss, his drop rate has been slightly increased. Raids 2 Goodiebags A new goodiebag for each type of raids armour has been added into the game (3 total). You can buy these goodiebags on the store for $10 each, or you can obtain them directly from the Raids 2 chest. Each goodiebag has different loot, depending on the type of bag. It also has generic loot that is the same in each bag. Cyclonic Set - Coming Soon I am working on coming up with a way to put this item into the game where it makes sense with our progression system... maybe new Cyclonic warriors? Other Updates Dragonrage wings have been nerfed .75% drop rate, and will no longer display in capes Trio wings drop rate is now .5% instead of .25% Fixed the bug where your dry drop rate wouldn't work on bosses that only had EPIC drops such as Cerberus The chance to forge an golden mini into an ice mini is now 35%, torted into ice is now 60% Soulreaper and satanic apollyon's balls will no longer always 1 hit you, instead it will deal 700-1200 damage randomly. Cannons will no longer attack cash boxes You cant use the instance portal to teleport to players in raids 2 You can no longer change your raiding party difficulty after it has started. You now get 1t - 2.5t per Raids 1 The time it takes to fish snappers have been divided in half You can now spawn pets at home Updates Released on 5/25 Raids 2 drop rate has been lowered roughly 35% You will now get 4-12t for completing raids 2. Items made sellable to the pawn shop: Demonic virtus mask - 75t Demonic virtus top - 100t Demonic virtus bottoms - 100t Demonic pernix coif - 75t Demonic pernix top - 100t Demonic pernix body - 100t Torva full helm (ice) - 50t Torva platebody (ice) - 75t Torva platelegs (ice) - 75t Pernix coif (ice) - 50t Pernix body (ice) - 75t Pernix chaps (ice) - 75t Virtus mask (ice) - 50t Virtus robe top (ice) - 75t Virtus robe bottoms - 75t Ice minigun - 15t Superior minigun - 30t Tortued minigun - 10t Bloodbone spirit shield - 400t Elysian spirit shield - 65t Divine spirit shield - 75t Arcane spirit shield - 50t Custom tokhaar kal capes - 150t Imbued scroll - 30t
  12. Hello everyone, This is the first update to our new active updates. For now on we will be posting an update every 1-3 days. I am going to be trying my best to do them daily, but on some days there may not be an update. 3 people can now login on the same IP address instead of 2 Items made sellable to the pawn shop: Draconic pieces Platebody = 125t Platelegs = 125t Boots = 75t Gloves = 75t Cape = 75t Reaper = 150t Demonic Torva Platebody = 100t Platelegs = 100t Full helmet = 75t Eternal aura = 50t This is a test to see how the community reacts to it & if it increase the price of the item. Based on the feedback we receive, we may make loads of more items sellable. AFK Zone Rework: You now will get a lucky key every 3,000 spirit chippings chopped on average The prices in the AFK shop have been reduced. Fixed a bug where the infinite yell scroll would make your yell appear blank in the chatbox if you were a staff member or youtuber and did not have a donator rank. Raids 2 Updates: You can no longer open player owned shops in raids 2. Fixed a bug where you would attempt to withdraw more than your inventory can hold in raids 2, and it would remove the items from your raids 2 bank and not stick them in your inventory. You can now bring 1 item into raids instead of having to completely have an empty inventory. The cash per raid in raids 2 has been buffed. You now get 2.5t - 7.5t per raid. Fixed a bug where sometimes the raids chest would say 'An error has occured' and not let you open it. The raids 2 drop rate has been made 2x easier. Using the obelisk in raids 2 will no longer delete your orb of genesis. -Raids 2 will now send a message to every party member when all tasks have been completed. It will send a message to all party members when the room has been unlocked by a member in your party. When someone finds the orb of genesis it will now send an announcement to every member in the party to let everyone know. Oblivion scythe updates: Oblivion full helmet now has 4.5% drop rate boost Oblivion scythe now has dragon claws special attack The stats on oblivion scythe have been buffed, and it now hits 2x instead of once. The item list now displays auras and wings Elite iron man can now drop pets Fixed a bug where you couldn't click some items in the item list to get a description on how to obtain them. The stats on oblivion scythe have been buffed, and it now hits 2x instead of once. Fixed a bug where you would hit ctrl or shift then hold it and minimize your client, then you would let go of the key. The client would still think that you have this key pressed, so if you typed b it would open the bank, or if you clicked an item in your inventory it would drop it when you didn't mean to. The helmet item list now has demonlord partyhat on it. Fixed the ::discord join link being invalid Lowered drop rates on: Vet'ion Vladimir Corporeal beast Abyssal sire (cheaper rewards) Skotizo Satanic Apollyon All bosses in the game (except for the ones that drop junk) have a 'dry' counter that will guarantee you a drop at a specific kill count if you haven't already received one. The dry counter resets after you get a rare drop. To view your dry counter, go kill a boss and then type ::dry, if a dry counter exists for this boss it will pop up in your chatbox. You will no longer lose wings/auras when equipping them. Thank you for reading, many more updates coming! I will be reading all of the suggestions / bug reports today and starting on the next update.
  13. Hi, what is your name on discord? Send me a PM on there
  14. Hello, Today we are here to announce that we are releasing the long awaited RAIDS 2. We have been working hard on this for a while now and we are very happy with how it has turned out. Raids 2 To access raids 2 you will need a raids level of 90. You will also need 99 in the following skills: Woodcutting, Cooking, Fishing, Herblore & Farmings The above skills will aid you in completing quicker floors as they will significantly speed up the skilling room. Once you meet the requirements, you will want to head on over to your minigames teleport then click on the raids 2 teleport. Once you arrive at the teleport location you will need to speak to the "Master of Raids 2". The raids 2 starter interface works exactly like it does in raids 1. We have 3 different difficulties; easy / medium / hard The party size still remains the same which will be a minimum of 1 person and a maxium of 5 people per raid. When you load into the raid you will spawn into the starting area, from there you will want to go to the raiding shop. You will want to buy yourself skilling equipment to use in the skilling room. The next room you will enter will be the skilling room in which you will have to complete a series of tasks to progress. The tasks will be different depending on what difficulty raid you are doing. You can view the tasks on the task board. Once you have completed all the tasks on the task board you will then progress onto the next room. In the next room you will have to kill "Godly Warfighters" until you receive an orb of genesis. Note: Only 1 person in the party will need to obtain the orb which will open the door for all of the party members. Once you have received the Orb of Genesis you will then be able to progress onto the Semi-Boss room. This next room is pretty simple, you have to kill the boss to move onto the next room. The bosses health scales on party size + difficulty of the raid. After you have killed the boss, you will into a room with a bank for if you need any extra supplies to complete the raid. Once you have resupplied you are ready for the Final Boss room. This is the final boss that you will need to kill before entering the rewards room. The boss has similar mechanics to the "Satanic Apollyon" with a few extra ones also. The bosses health scales on party size + difficulty of the raid. Congratulations you have now completed the raids 2 floor. Now it is time to collect your reward. The rare rewards are one of the 3 new mystery boxes, which each contain BIS items for melee/range and mage. Oblivion Mystery Box (Melee) Demon Hunter Mystery Box (Range) Enraged Mystery Box (Mage) We wish you all the best of luck in grinding the new content and heres to many future updates we have planned! Other Updates: A new item slot has been added for wings. This allows you to wear wings on top of your cape. The perfect ring has been renamed to Owner's ring and can not be used on global bosses / raid bosses.

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