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  1. Hello everyone, In this update we are releasing Zionic Archer into the game. Zionic Archer A new global boss has spawned in Apollo. He will spawn every 30 minutes in various cities. The range armour he drops is second best in slot. Space Predator Changes Space predator is now a regular boss instead of a global boss. You can find space predator in the boss teleports. In addition to being made a regular boss, his drop rate has been slightly increased. Raids 2 Goodiebags A new goodiebag for each type of raids armour has been added into the game (3 total). You can buy these goodiebags on the store for $10 each, or you can obtain them directly from the Raids 2 chest. Each goodiebag has different loot, depending on the type of bag. It also has generic loot that is the same in each bag. Cyclonic Set - Coming Soon I am working on coming up with a way to put this item into the game where it makes sense with our progression system... maybe new Cyclonic warriors? Other Updates Dragonrage wings have been nerfed .75% drop rate, and will no longer display in capes Trio wings drop rate is now .5% instead of .25% Fixed the bug where your dry drop rate wouldn't work on bosses that only had EPIC drops such as Cerberus The chance to forge an golden mini into an ice mini is now 35%, torted into ice is now 60% Soulreaper and satanic apollyon's balls will no longer always 1 hit you, instead it will deal 700-1200 damage randomly. Cannons will no longer attack cash boxes You cant use the instance portal to teleport to players in raids 2 You can no longer change your raiding party difficulty after it has started. You now get 1t - 2.5t per Raids 1 The time it takes to fish snappers have been divided in half You can now spawn pets at home Updates Released on 5/25 Raids 2 drop rate has been lowered roughly 35% You will now get 4-12t for completing raids 2. Items made sellable to the pawn shop: Demonic virtus mask - 75t Demonic virtus top - 100t Demonic virtus bottoms - 100t Demonic pernix coif - 75t Demonic pernix top - 100t Demonic pernix body - 100t Torva full helm (ice) - 50t Torva platebody (ice) - 75t Torva platelegs (ice) - 75t Pernix coif (ice) - 50t Pernix body (ice) - 75t Pernix chaps (ice) - 75t Virtus mask (ice) - 50t Virtus robe top (ice) - 75t Virtus robe bottoms - 75t Ice minigun - 15t Superior minigun - 30t Tortued minigun - 10t Bloodbone spirit shield - 400t Elysian spirit shield - 65t Divine spirit shield - 75t Arcane spirit shield - 50t Custom tokhaar kal capes - 150t Imbued scroll - 30t
  2. Hello everyone, This is the first update to our new active updates. For now on we will be posting an update every 1-3 days. I am going to be trying my best to do them daily, but on some days there may not be an update. 3 people can now login on the same IP address instead of 2 Items made sellable to the pawn shop: Draconic pieces Platebody = 125t Platelegs = 125t Boots = 75t Gloves = 75t Cape = 75t Reaper = 150t Demonic Torva Platebody = 100t Platelegs = 100t Full helmet = 75t Eternal aura = 50t This is a test to see how the community reacts to it & if it increase the price of the item. Based on the feedback we receive, we may make loads of more items sellable. AFK Zone Rework: You now will get a lucky key every 3,000 spirit chippings chopped on average The prices in the AFK shop have been reduced. Fixed a bug where the infinite yell scroll would make your yell appear blank in the chatbox if you were a staff member or youtuber and did not have a donator rank. Raids 2 Updates: You can no longer open player owned shops in raids 2. Fixed a bug where you would attempt to withdraw more than your inventory can hold in raids 2, and it would remove the items from your raids 2 bank and not stick them in your inventory. You can now bring 1 item into raids instead of having to completely have an empty inventory. The cash per raid in raids 2 has been buffed. You now get 2.5t - 7.5t per raid. Fixed a bug where sometimes the raids chest would say 'An error has occured' and not let you open it. The raids 2 drop rate has been made 2x easier. Using the obelisk in raids 2 will no longer delete your orb of genesis. -Raids 2 will now send a message to every party member when all tasks have been completed. It will send a message to all party members when the room has been unlocked by a member in your party. When someone finds the orb of genesis it will now send an announcement to every member in the party to let everyone know. Oblivion scythe updates: Oblivion full helmet now has 4.5% drop rate boost Oblivion scythe now has dragon claws special attack The stats on oblivion scythe have been buffed, and it now hits 2x instead of once. The item list now displays auras and wings Elite iron man can now drop pets Fixed a bug where you couldn't click some items in the item list to get a description on how to obtain them. The stats on oblivion scythe have been buffed, and it now hits 2x instead of once. Fixed a bug where you would hit ctrl or shift then hold it and minimize your client, then you would let go of the key. The client would still think that you have this key pressed, so if you typed b it would open the bank, or if you clicked an item in your inventory it would drop it when you didn't mean to. The helmet item list now has demonlord partyhat on it. Fixed the ::discord join link being invalid Lowered drop rates on: Vet'ion Vladimir Corporeal beast Abyssal sire (cheaper rewards) Skotizo Satanic Apollyon All bosses in the game (except for the ones that drop junk) have a 'dry' counter that will guarantee you a drop at a specific kill count if you haven't already received one. The dry counter resets after you get a rare drop. To view your dry counter, go kill a boss and then type ::dry, if a dry counter exists for this boss it will pop up in your chatbox. You will no longer lose wings/auras when equipping them. Thank you for reading, many more updates coming! I will be reading all of the suggestions / bug reports today and starting on the next update.
  3. Hi, what is your name on discord? Send me a PM on there
  4. Good job man
  5. Hello, Today we are here to announce that we are releasing the long awaited RAIDS 2. We have been working hard on this for a while now and we are very happy with how it has turned out. Raids 2 To access raids 2 you will need a raids level of 90. You will also need 99 in the following skills: Woodcutting, Cooking, Fishing, Herblore & Farmings The above skills will aid you in completing quicker floors as they will significantly speed up the skilling room. Once you meet the requirements, you will want to head on over to your minigames teleport then click on the raids 2 teleport. Once you arrive at the teleport location you will need to speak to the "Master of Raids 2". The raids 2 starter interface works exactly like it does in raids 1. We have 3 different difficulties; easy / medium / hard The party size still remains the same which will be a minimum of 1 person and a maxium of 5 people per raid. When you load into the raid you will spawn into the starting area, from there you will want to go to the raiding shop. You will want to buy yourself skilling equipment to use in the skilling room. The next room you will enter will be the skilling room in which you will have to complete a series of tasks to progress. The tasks will be different depending on what difficulty raid you are doing. You can view the tasks on the task board. Once you have completed all the tasks on the task board you will then progress onto the next room. In the next room you will have to kill "Godly Warfighters" until you receive an orb of genesis. Note: Only 1 person in the party will need to obtain the orb which will open the door for all of the party members. Once you have received the Orb of Genesis you will then be able to progress onto the Semi-Boss room. This next room is pretty simple, you have to kill the boss to move onto the next room. The bosses health scales on party size + difficulty of the raid. After you have killed the boss, you will into a room with a bank for if you need any extra supplies to complete the raid. Once you have resupplied you are ready for the Final Boss room. This is the final boss that you will need to kill before entering the rewards room. The boss has similar mechanics to the "Satanic Apollyon" with a few extra ones also. The bosses health scales on party size + difficulty of the raid. Congratulations you have now completed the raids 2 floor. Now it is time to collect your reward. The rare rewards are one of the 3 new mystery boxes, which each contain BIS items for melee/range and mage. Oblivion Mystery Box (Melee) Demon Hunter Mystery Box (Range) Enraged Mystery Box (Mage) We wish you all the best of luck in grinding the new content and heres to many future updates we have planned! Other Updates: A new item slot has been added for wings. This allows you to wear wings on top of your cape. The perfect ring has been renamed to Owner's ring and can not be used on global bosses / raid bosses.
  6. Hello, our logs show you have not played for atleast 2 weeks.
  7. Hello, can you please post more information on your application. Also a screenshot of your hours ingame.
  8. Hello, Today we are releasing a new Satanic Apollyon boss into Apollo. This will be the final update until the release of Raids 2. Satanic Apollyon The boss has 3 special mechanics + 1 regular attack. Drop Table: -Satanic Aura (70% drop rate) -Satanic Apollyon pet (80% drop rate + 22% damage boost) -Satanic Ring (best in slot tribrid ring, 20% better than determination, abstraction and oblivion rings) Instance Portal There is now an instance portal at home. You can use this portal to teleport to peoples private instance. The portal is located by the well of goodwill. Satanic Aura Other Updates (released on 4/29) Infinite overloads now boost magic to 124 Fixed client bug where you couldnt hover the menubar in resizable Its now impossible to drop pets Buffed max cape drop rate to 2.25% (using new drop rate system) ::pos command is now $250+ donator Admins now have many commands to make the job easier, such as commands to transfer donations, reset pins, check pins, and much more. The drop rate system has been changed to "Bonus Drop Rates" and is now 100% accurate. My rates is now 100% accurate. Cash zone has been updated: Small cash boxes give between 1250 - 2500 tickets Medium cash boxes give between 2750 - 4000 tickets Large cash boxes give between 4500 - 7500 tickets Heavy cash boxes give between 10000 - 15000 tickets The drop rate on easter staff is now the same drop rate as easter blade. Removed the wiki command Added ::reset-title to remove the title before your name (not your yell tag) Removed the crystal key chest You can no longer abuse the duo slayer bug that allows you to get more slayer points by doing duo slayer and leaving your partner on the last 1-2 kills.
  9. Hello everyone, In this update we are releasing a lot of new innovative content into the game. Overall my favorite part of this update is the new yell customization. Read the bottom of the update thread for more information about raids 2. Goodiebags When opening a goodiebag, select a number 1-20. Behind the number reveals an item. Whichever number you select is the item you receive. Goodiebags are currently only available on the donation store. In a future update we will be adding more goodiebags that will be obtainable in-game. Yell Customization You can now customize your yell color, shade, and title. To customize your yell, you can obtain a 'Yell customization' ticket from the voting shop. You can also buy an infinite yell ticket on the donation store for $100 that will allow you to customize your yell an infinite number of times. Collectors Quiver You can now obtain a collectors quiver in-game that will go into the arrow slot. The quiver gives 30% drop rate, and has all the benefits of a collectors amulet (i). Using a collectors quiver is much better than the collectors amulet (i) because you can get an additional 30% drop rate, and a better amulet if you obtain the new Destruction amulet. Drax The Destroyer A new superior boss has been added to Apollo! Drax the destroyer drops: Collectors Quiver (Read above for information on this item) This item can be obtained from Drax or the superior slayer shop. Destruction Necklace The best amulet in the game providing significantly more bonuses than collectors amulet (i) and 45% drop rate. This item can be obtained from Drax or the superior slayer shop. Destruction Maul The best special attack weapon in the game, also a decent weapon to use in combat. Provides 60% drop rate bonus. The special attack guarantees 90-130k damage and uses 60% special attack. This item can be obtained from Drax or the superior slayer shop. Destruction Cape This is an older item in the game, provides decent cape bonuses and when used on an owners attachment makes the owner's cape. Imbued Scroll Use this scroll on a collectors amulet and get a collectors amulet (i). This is a more common drop from Drax. Raids 2 Information Directly after this update I am starting to work on Raids 2. We may see another update before Raids 2 is released. Make sure to be checking #sneak-peeks in the following week for progress on raids. Custom Items Any new custom item orders made in the last couple of days will be made in the next 1-3 days and released into the game. Enjoy the update, many more to come! ❤️
  10. Hello, Today we are releasing our easter event! Easter Event The easter event is located under 'minigame' teleports 'easter island' Every 30 minutes an evil easter bunny will spawn, it will drop items to the top 1,000 damage dealers. The only items he drops is bones and a hard boiled egg. You must then take this hard boiled egg and go to the Easter Bunny, he will tell you a specific color of dye that he needs. After you get the dye color, you then just kill the bunny specific to the color that he has requested. It's a 1/100 chance to get the dye. Note: You can get the color / dye before getting the hard boiled egg to save time while waiting for the evil bunny to spawn. After you get the dye, use the dye on your hard boiled egg to color it. There are 4 possible colors of eggs After you color your egg, go talk to the easter bunny and he will get you an easter mystery box. The easter mystery box has very rare loot Use an Easter attachment on any of the following items to make them into a better form: Easter bow ~ Use attachment on a demonlord or shadowlord bow (60% drop rate+ 10% damage increase) Easter blade ~ Use attachment on a demonlord or shadowlord blade (60% drop rate + 10% damage increase) Easter staff ~ Use attachment on a psychic staff (60% drop rate + 8% damage increase) Easter pet ~ Gives 13% damage bonus and 50% drop rate Easter aura ~ Gives 50% drop rate You are now able to sell even more items to the Apollo Pawn Shop: Other updates: -All final custom item changes/orders have been completed (pm me) -A wiki command has been added -Dragonslayer blade has been decreased from 7.5k to 2k points in slayer shop -Admins can now reset the stream boss -Fixed a bug where massban wouldn't always work Happy easter everyone!
  11. Hello, Today is the start to a new month, with March coming to an end. Recap on February & March A couple of months ago we posted a developer blog for February, with a ton of information on updates that were coming. Updates that were on the thread: Crazy pete zone, Forging, Superior Slayer, Player Owned Shops, 120 Skills & Advancements, New Raids All of these updates were completed, except for the 120 skills & advancements and new raids. The plans for these updates have changed since February & in this thread we will be going over that. Raids 2 Recently we released information about the new Raids 2 to see what the community thought of the idea. The feedback we received on the new Raids was excellent, and it was immediately put into our update TODO. Going into April our TOP priority will be to get this new raids released. Our biggest goal with the new raids is to make it more interactive than our Raids 1. What we have confirmed will be the loot for Raids 2: A new best in slot tribrid set that will have best in slot stats for range, magic, and melee. New best in slot weapons for all attack styles (melee, range, magic) Demonlord attachment PvM Rework On Apollo one of our biggest issues with the game is PvM not really being 'hard'. You can pretty much attack a boss and go AFK as long as you have SoulSplit on, and never have to eat food. This is one thing that we really want to change. We came up with a few different ideas, and brought them to you to vote on in Discord. The feedback on this was pretty clear what route you guys wanted us to take, so we will be doing that in April. We may also come out with other changes/additions to the game in order to help make PvM better. If it is a major change that affects current game-play we will make sure to poll it first. Group Ironman Group Iron man is a feature where you can play as an Iron man and share a bank / statistics with other iron man. This will be a completely new game mode, that will also have a highscores for it. There will be more information released about this later in the month. Donator Zones Rework A big problem that we have had on Apollo is our donator zones are completely wack. Our goal in April is to completely rework our donator zones from the ground up, making donator ranks worth the grind. Skilling Advancement Update I know a lot of people wanted to see the Skilling advancement update come out in February/March. Instead, we decided to go another route and work on other updates. We still have a few unknown variables with this update that we need to brainstorm before just tossing 120 skills out into the game with a ton of new skilling content. For example, tons of people already have 1 billion experience in skills, making grinding through 120 skills pretty much useless. We will be thinking of a few options for this and releasing polls later in the month. We should also see a few skills this month have new content. Thank you for reading, Many many updates are to come!
  12. Jonny


    Can you dm me on discord so we can see what actually happened, or login game, either works.
  13. Hello, This update is mainly a bunch of QOL / bug fixes with a few minor additions to the game. We will be releasing an April developer blog soon with a bunch of information about what is to come soon. Trivia Rework The entire trivia system has been completely reworked! There are 4 possible winners: 1st to answer = gets 10 points 2nd to answer = gets 7 points 3rd to answer = gets 5 points 4th to answer = gets 2 points There is now a trivia genie at home where you can spend your points: If you had points from the old trivia system you can also spend them here. Quality of Life Cyclonic reaper has been nerfed 10% Administrator rank updates: Administrators can now drop items / trade Administrators can now spawn the stream boss You can now use any custom partyhat on a demonlord attachment to get a demonlord partyhat that has 80% drop rate Custom partyhats are: Sky, Pink, Lava, Shadowlord, Black Predator gloves and light sabers have been added to the item list. Dragon claws will no longer announce globally as a drop Mewtwo updates: Mewtwo now has 25m health instead of 9m Mewtwo now drops to 20 people instead of 10 Psychic staff has been buffed about 40% Added a new command for staff members to be able to easily find aliases that players have. This command does NOT make any players sensitive data available to staff other than their last login time. ::scan username Owner capers can now instance any boss in the game for free. Monsters in slayer tower's respawn timer has been split in half. You no longer have to pickup your pet and relog in order to trade. Pet damage boosts have been reworked. There has been a lot of controversy about pets giving damage boosts. After a quick glance I was not able to find anything that gave damage boost to pets, however after looking deeper I was able to find a system that was very buggy and gave some pets damage boost. This has now been completely reworked. Crazy pete: 2% damage boost Rare pete: 5% damage boost Pet skotizo: 7% damage boost Pet star: 10% damage boost Pet cerberus: 12% damage boost Pet baby yoda: 15% damage boost Pet mewtwo: 17% damage boost Added a ::hidepets command Resizable mode no longer has a clear chatbox background The top menu bar on the client will now be centered when in resizable Cache improvements: Added a command ::redownload that players can use to force a redownload of their cache on next client restart. The client can now detect if the cache is broken, and force a redownload. Regular minigun is now available in the starter package for free and not sellable to the pawn shop. The time between raid waves is now 5 seconds instead of 10 The raids monsters are now more aggressive than they were. Cerberus now drops superior bones. Activity mystery boxes have been reworked so they are better. They now cost 5000 chippings in the AFK shop. You will now get an activity mystery box every 4 hours instead of 6 hours. When starting the client it will now say starting please wait... instead of a white screen Changes to Forging: You can now forge a cronic bow into a shadowlord bow. Requires 6q and cronic bow for a 100% chance. You can now forge a cronic bow from a zaryte bow + 150t with a 30% chance. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where you could drop items without your pin being entered. Fixed another bug where raids would randomly deal damage to you from other peoples raid.
  14. Appreciated man, glad to have you ingame 😃
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