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  1. Im buying a new mic for recording tommorow, plan on doing a stream tomorrow night/evening
  2. 1. Desired staff position: Youtuber Rank 2. Your Name: IRL:Corey ING: Artillery 3. Your age: 27 4. Your Location: Tennessee 5. Average amout of gameplay hours: Days off of work i play 8+ hours, days of work 4-8 hours depending on the day, i play everyday since serv released. 6. Why should you receive the position: I really enjoying making youtube videos, my channel is fairly new but have a few videos on there so im starting to build my channel strictly rsps videos, i will continue to build my channel as it is something that interests me and i enjoy doing it to help out the server to bring moire players in and advertise how bad ass the server is. I plan on live streaming most days of the week and will make other videos showcasing certain guides and what not on the server to get more players interested and to help out the new players joining in. Link to my youtube-channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTJJRbBBu32cQHZH1dhdgQ?view_as=subscriber Thank you for reading this.

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