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  1. good luck dude 🙂 ive seen u on alot so a big + from me
  2. You are pretty new to the server, good app tho! But as alabama says you should probably have a little more gametime 🙂
  3. You have outdone yourself here ! 😄 cant wait to see the results ! 😄
  4. Timmy

    Apollo Price Guide

    I belive the psy staff is priced a bit lower
  5. Timmy

    Apollo Price Guide

    Love it! Gonna write down the thread command for this 1 😉
  6. Love the updates/fixes ! Especially the login color 😎
  7. Timmy

    Apollo Trivia Guide

    Nice clean looking guide 🙂
  8. Aweseome ! Big update for Apollo ❤️ would also love to see a way to upgrade owners cape *cough*
  9. To be honest this is GOLD worth for new players !

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