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  1. Do like me and get 250 donated at Crazy Pete's 😄
  2. you ok dude ? Welcome Root 😄 !
  3. Timmy

    override armour

    yeah its what i ment 😛 gotta love the fashionscape ❤️
  4. Would have been cool to be able to override armour so that you could use cosmetics over your armour 🤔
  5. Another update of items i wont ever get 🥴 Love it tho!
  6. Congratz guys ! 🙂
  7. Timmy

    AFK Tree Rates

    This guide has to be redone i think. Its even harder to get the spirit chpiings now.
  8. -Ive heard couple people wanting overloads. maybe add them to a store at the donator zone?
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