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  1. Great update dudes!! Models are put online for free or sold/resold, prob not stolen 🙂 ~ Steelie
  2. Hello there! If you're interested in a custom donation (weapons, ...) but have no idea what kind of model you want or have and idea, but can't work it out -> I'm making/editing custom models in my free time :) Feel free to contact me here, on discord or ingame and we'll see if we can work something out 😄 a couple examples can be found here: Wondering what pricing it is? - All disputable, can either do in name donations or ingame items, depends on model/complexity/time consumation :) (will prob not accept paypal, due to RWT shit ayee) - If you just want some info or suggestions, feel free to contact me aswell ^__^ i've got a gigantic model archive on my pc, something for everyone's liking :) (ranging from base items to full on customs 😄 ) ~ Steelie
  3. Thanks a lot man! 😄
  4. To be fair, i can understand Taco, but you aswell. But just try to edit your post into something less flam-y. I understand your frustrations, most people have been in a situation like this. But making a post wich is 50% story and 50% shittalk isn't gonna help you out, buddy >_< I hope your mute will be fixed either way 🙂 ~Steelie out
  5. Hello there! Not sure if it's the right subforum, since it's GFX, but it might aswell be 3D GFX? 😄 Some models i created / edited in my free time n_n Link for the first picture in full size: (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/383731412525645824/758746140425846784/Models_Addivo_2.0.jpg) Well there we go 😄 ~ Steelie out
  6. Eeeeh give me my MDMA, Man i run from reality! 🎧

  7. Hello there! I've listed some of the suggestions i found interesting, would like to see in Apollo (in any form possible) There could be a couple suggestions that are also in the discord #suggestions channel, just here to share what looked very nice imo! - Unlimited Prayer Scrolls: Can you make them useful for anything? You don't have to make them tradable to other players, but i've rolled like 4 out of remastered boxes and it kind of feels like a waste of money. I'm supreme rank: meaning i've got unlimited prayer from my rank, making this $200 in scrolls obsolete. Suggestion: make it pawnable? for a couple of Q (depending on $ > Cash rates) - Donator zones > Supreme zone > Ultimate/Investor zone (haven’t been here) > Alpha zone -> I noticed donator zones are kinda feeling like a dead bonus The basic donator zone is alright, since it's just a bit of skilling stuff and a couple basic merchants. Supreme zone feels kinda useless, haven't seen anything to kill there or any special NPC's. Skilling is practically the same as normal donator zone or even worse (imo higher dono zone should mean upgrade) Uzone & Izone > i haven't been there, but from what i've heard it's kinda the same problem as in the szone. I've heard that izone has mewtwo & zionic archer, this is a nice idea, but i would suggest adding more bosses, like maybe a farseer, mysterio & destiny or add a totally new npc with new useful drops (example: a special box NPC, dropping: PVM boxes, Sup boxes, lucky keys, cash boxes and as super rare Re-boxes/Fantastic keys, something like that) - Pets: Clickability (not sure if it's a word teeheee), i've noticed some pets are unclickable: green dragon, mewtwo,.. can you make all pets unclickable? Main example is the satanic apollyon, it takes over half your screen's left click. I know ::hidepets is an option, but i like to see my pet w/o clicking on it 500 times - Alpha slayer master: Can you give the alpha slayer master the same right click options as superior? (Rewards & trade don't work with him) - Survival store: Add some new items to the store to make it a bit more bearable for survivors to grind - get a ::hideplayers command, this to prevent lag at group bossing with 10+ people (Mysterio, Farseer, Destiny, Mewtwo,…) - A raids slayer master or raids tasks, offering X amount of raid points for completion of the task (make it a balanced amount tho!) - A slayer extension perk would be nice aswell, making the amount of kills needed for a task double, with some more points as a reward (cost of the perk 1k+ superior slayer points OR make it a prestige perk) - The possibility to block certain slayer tasks: if you’re a low dmg player and get darth vadors, you’re up for a couple hours - Buff the activity boxes to be fair, i only get trash J - Make the owner & alpha cape count as “set piece” for the mythical/Royal/Ballistic sets, so you can get the bonus dmg without having to remove your owner/alpha cape - Add a pawn shop/Sell npc next to thieving stalls, as far as i know of you can’t sell your thieved stuff to the npc standing next to it - Add a prestige store, atm there is no prestige store ingame, rendering the “prestige” option totally useless - Update the PVM-Store. For beginners it’s okay. After that you’re just buying demonic pieces to sell them to pawn - More kill requirements for certain bosses: Too much people logging into an alt, dropping a staff on it and leeching bosses like mewtwo/mysterio. I was at mysterio yesterday with like 14 people, wich barely did anything except leeching with 200-500 hits - add a DMG counter on bosses, for those interested to see their dmg and those interested if they would get a drop or are wasting time. For example Boss X has a drop for top 5 DMG, add a 5 man DMG counter Well like they say it in Belgium, this was a thick, fat loaf of bread? NEN DIKKEN BOTERHAM DUS! (Dutch) 😜 Feel free to pm me to add more suggestions to my thread ~ Steelie out
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm Steelie (might know me as Steel Doobie, iMidget, Ketshmet or not at all :) ), a dude from Belgium at the age of 25 right now. I'm playing rsps'es since forever, tried the majority of them and always loved customs. I've been staff on multiple servers and found one server i was 1000% dedicated to. I started to learn basic modeling and fell in love with it soon after. Like every great story, there is a shitty end 😄, the owner and i couldn't get on the same page about what was best for his server, i left the rsps and stopped with RSPS'es in general. A couple years later... HELLO, I'M BACK! >:D started fresh, ignored all the older servers i've played and fell in love with Apollo (after a buddy of mine told me i HAD to play it, 1Life Rat, Ratskii, my man! 😄) So here i am, playing Apollo for a couple of weeks now, still dedicated & eager to farm shit, you've got a lot great systems in place in apollo. I'm really enjoying this one!! :) Besides RSPS'es i'm a big PC gamer, got my rainbow setup and shit to run whatever comes out. Atm playing mainly RSPS, League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 & some singleplayer shit like AC Odyssey & Control. I'm a fanatic Rollerblader/Longboarder aswell, but that's on break atm due to injury "YAYEET" Musicwise i'm a big fan of all electric genres with a BPM of 180+, mainly Hardcore, Hardstyle, Psytrance, Hardtek and all variants of them, i can really dig some good metal too! (Alestorm, the best piratemetal around, google it!) Tl;Dr: I'm Steelie, 25, EU based, have done RSPS modeling & played a shitload of rsps'es over the past years. So... i guess that was about everything, got any questions, feel free to drop me a PM on Discord or Ingame 😄 ~ Steelie out
  9. Steelie


    Agreed, range seems underwhelming right now. Mage is the way togo imo :) ~ Steelie
  10. Great update! Keeps the eco and price dropping in check :) Keep up the good work! ~ Steelie

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