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  1. Hi All What is your in-game name: IGN - Weebking Why do you want to be a Server Support: I would like to be a SS(Server Support) staff for a number of reasons none more important to me than keeping the server flourishing and retaining new players by answering questions and helping players. The sole reason I am applying for SS is so that i can affect change on this server and aid people like Leet,Taco and Arcinest who are trying to push for change to benefit none other than yourselves whether it be financially or otherwise.Listed below are the top 5 reasons why I want to be SS: Help aid server staff to create a better atmosphere. Help create a community where its not toxic and enjoyable to be in. I want to try and collect feedback which would be useful to the team to better improve the server as a whole. I would like to at the very least be on the team who discuss change on the server and discuss how it would impact it. I want to be a model SS whos active and helpful. What experience do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server: The highest position I have ever held on a server is Head Mod beneath this was Mod and SS with a playerbase of around 200-400 players below Head Mod were about 8 staff 4 SS and 4 Mods. This was for a period of around 8 months. Why do you think you are the best fit as a Server Support: I dont know if im the best fit for SS thats not for me to decide however if the best fit can't bother to submit an applicaiton then I guess im next inline in the pool of applications your about to read. As SS i would like to enforce the rules of the server and put forward some ideas which I think would be great for the server's longevity. As for reasons why I think I would be an ideal candidate to be a member of Apollo staff is that I have done this before and have done it really well when I have been staff on other servers. I beleive I articulate myself well when speaking to somebody who has an opposite view to me. Im completely open to discussing topics where the person opposite me has a conflicting view. I really think working as a team would help us all benefit to create a better RSPS. Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord: One thing I would like to make clear is that I want/need this server to thrive with players coming on and enjoying the game whether it be a veteran or a new player because I enjoy playing RS and chatting to cool people like Arcincest. I would also like to aid/setup events to help bring the community closer. Currently one of the issues im having is that the only time im interacting with people is through camping with people i would like to see more activities where people group up to do something this would help form circles within the community.With regards to being active on discord yes im active im usually the only person in here sometimes. Ideas on what you would do to help the server: Here is a list of my ideas- Team based games i.e slaying monsters head to head and winning team get a prize, depending on how many teams sign up and attend the prizes can be adjusted as such. Introducing games which any level of player can enter whether it would be Hide and Seek, Trivia, Riddles. I would also suggest having more events in discord voice so we entice players to come into discord and interact with one another(Frimb had a fantastic idea to play Among Us with viewers who tuned into the stream after his event) This is a brilliant idea as people who tuned into the stream then joined discord, I had the opportunity to speak to people whom I had never met in discord. Treasure hunts where multiple staff are scattered across the map and providing a clue to the next staff. New players are dispirited when TP'ing to World boss which spawns every 30 minutes. So maybe adding a small change to receive a smaller reward for the participation would help players along. What is your timezone / What is your availability: Im really active ingame im currently working from home and play RS pretty much all day whilst working and taking calls. Im a IT engineer i know how to deal with people.(switch it off and on again does it work? great c ya). Im really active on discord which is great when people are in there. Absolutely love the members of the community who hop into discord great conversation however we only have about 10 people in the discord at any given point although we have a few hundred players online. My time is GMT as I live in London. Availability is GMT during weekdays and weekend is like all day to about 4 am my time. i spend most of my time grinding out bosses or doing raids. I would like to be the SS who covers multiple zones. Post a screenshot of your hours here: What the current staff members have to say about you: I think people whom I have interacted with would say im alright. I treat people with the respect I would like to be treated with. I would like to beleive I have showed respect to any and all staff to whom I have spoken to. I have been in chats with Frimb Leet who are part of the management team and spoke to them with as much respect as I would to any other staff member which was respectfully.

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