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  1. server was down for a little while. It should be working fine by now 🙂
  2. Dat is me zeker een dikke boterham! (Dutch) You got some nice ideas, some have more priority then others. Would love to see the following things first: (this is also what most of the community wants) - Buff the activity boxes - Update the PVM-Store. - More kill requirements for certain bosses: (they already did that for farseer and destiny but all bosses could use this) - get a ::hideplayers command, this to prevent lag at group bossing with 10+ people (Mysterio, Farseer, Destiny, Mewtwo,…) Most of the other suggestions are nice to have but not necessary. Is Jonny reads this; maybe we can vote on a poll more often about some of these updates? I Know we can't have all updates at once and some might not even make the cut. But it would be nice to see what the community wants first.

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