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    Over the past month, I have watched Lollipop grow into an amazing member of the Apollo Family. Lollipop has become a very active player and helps all members, new or old, every chance he gets. Every-time I am online, he is always helping the community wether it be answering questions, being extremely friendly, or even pointing players in the right direction allowing them experience what Apollo is all about. I fully support his support server application and highly encourage all players to strive to be like lollipop. #ApolloIsTheNumber1Server #KeepApolloGreat
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    Hello all, I just started playing Apollo317 a few hours ago and I'm having a such a good time. Looking forward to being part of this amazing community. Hope to see y'all in-game!
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    Hello everyone, In this update we are releasing Zionic Archer into the game. Zionic Archer A new global boss has spawned in Apollo. He will spawn every 30 minutes in various cities. The range armour he drops is second best in slot. Space Predator Changes Space predator is now a regular boss instead of a global boss. You can find space predator in the boss teleports. In addition to being made a regular boss, his drop rate has been slightly increased. Raids 2 Goodiebags A new goodiebag for each type of raids armour has been added into the game (3 total). You can buy these goodiebags on the store for $10 each, or you can obtain them directly from the Raids 2 chest. Each goodiebag has different loot, depending on the type of bag. It also has generic loot that is the same in each bag. Cyclonic Set - Coming Soon I am working on coming up with a way to put this item into the game where it makes sense with our progression system... maybe new Cyclonic warriors? Other Updates Dragonrage wings have been nerfed .75% drop rate, and will no longer display in capes Trio wings drop rate is now .5% instead of .25% Fixed the bug where your dry drop rate wouldn't work on bosses that only had EPIC drops such as Cerberus The chance to forge an golden mini into an ice mini is now 35%, torted into ice is now 60% Soulreaper and satanic apollyon's balls will no longer always 1 hit you, instead it will deal 700-1200 damage randomly. Cannons will no longer attack cash boxes You cant use the instance portal to teleport to players in raids 2 You can no longer change your raiding party difficulty after it has started. You now get 1t - 2.5t per Raids 1 The time it takes to fish snappers have been divided in half You can now spawn pets at home Updates Released on 5/25 Raids 2 drop rate has been lowered roughly 35% You will now get 4-12t for completing raids 2. Items made sellable to the pawn shop: Demonic virtus mask - 75t Demonic virtus top - 100t Demonic virtus bottoms - 100t Demonic pernix coif - 75t Demonic pernix top - 100t Demonic pernix body - 100t Torva full helm (ice) - 50t Torva platebody (ice) - 75t Torva platelegs (ice) - 75t Pernix coif (ice) - 50t Pernix body (ice) - 75t Pernix chaps (ice) - 75t Virtus mask (ice) - 50t Virtus robe top (ice) - 75t Virtus robe bottoms - 75t Ice minigun - 15t Superior minigun - 30t Tortued minigun - 10t Bloodbone spirit shield - 400t Elysian spirit shield - 65t Divine spirit shield - 75t Arcane spirit shield - 50t Custom tokhaar kal capes - 150t Imbued scroll - 30t
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    +1 from me homie for sure you are always very active in cc and yells to help others i think you would make a great server support 🙂
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    100% Support this. Lollipop and one other player have been the most helpful to me at the most random times. Very polite and respectable. If it were up to me, I'd promote him ASAP. <3
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    Started this server 1 day ago and lollipop has already shown alot of love towards me when it comes to bossing, any questions relating to the game and also taking the time out to find the best deals possible when it comes to get certain items within the game. The man is a example of what a good community member is and I would 100% recommend him to be the next supporting staff of this server. God bless america and God bless lollipop.
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    Might be cool if we get use of Barrows because it is an option in the game but no one plays it at the moment. Might be cool if we have like custom Barrows gear or the barrows drops that u get u can use for forge to get xp and better gear so people will play barrows for it. Let me know if u have more suggestions about this topic! make Barrows great again!!
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