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    Great Update @Jonny. Alot of great stuff in this update!
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    No longer interested in providing my support.
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    good luck dude 🙂 ive seen u on alot so a big + from me
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    Good luck on the app my dude.
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    I've gotten to know you more over VC and in game. I'd love to see this dude on our staff team.
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    Vouch, Has been very active, very helpful and is an ideal addition to the team!
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    You are very welcome!
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    To be fair, i can understand Taco, but you aswell. But just try to edit your post into something less flam-y. I understand your frustrations, most people have been in a situation like this. But making a post wich is 50% story and 50% shittalk isn't gonna help you out, buddy >_< I hope your mute will be fixed either way 🙂 ~Steelie out
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    Great update! Keeps the eco and price dropping in check :) Keep up the good work! ~ Steelie

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