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  2. IMPORTANT: If you are having an issue where you can not talk to the ghost of apollo, or guardian you may need to go onto the next step OR back track a step. Step 1: Starting the quest Talk to pumpkin pete at home Step 2: Ghostspeak amulet Obtain a ghostspeak amulet by killing revenants You can kill revenants at Port Phasmatys (right click 'teleport' option on Pumpkin pete) The amulet is needed to be able to talk to the Ghost of Apollo Step 3: Agreeing to help the Ghost of Apollo Go south of Port Phasamatys, and exit the barrier, you will need to talk to the Ghost of Apollo You will need to agree to help him. After you agree to help him, he explains that you need survivalist blood. Step 4: Survivalist Blood To get survivalist blood, you must get a needle and a empty vial. To get a needle - Teleport to the crafting area by clicking on the Crafting skill. Trade the master crafter and buy a needle. To get a empty vial - Teleport to the herblore area by clicking the Herblore skill. Trade the herblore shop and buy a vial of water. Un-note the vial of water in your bank, and right click 'Empty vial of water' to get a empty vial. Once you have talked to him, you can now go find any survivalist player in the game. Use your needle on him, and your empty vial will fill up with Survivalist Blood. Step 5: Return to Ghost of Apollo You will need to return to the Ghost of Apollo and let him know that you have found survivalist blood. Step 6: Enter graveyard Now that you have obtained Survivalist blood and talked to the ghost, you have now unlocked his teleport. Right click 'teleport' on him to teleport to the graveyard. Step 7: Wake up the guardian Use your survivalist blood on the guardian grave to spawn the guardian. Step 8: Talk to graveyard guardian Talk to the graveyard guardian that spawns. He will tell you that you need to kill zombies to get an enchanted brain. Step 9: Attempt to attack a zombie Attempt to attack a zombie, you wont be able to. Step 10: Talk to the Guardian again He will explain that you need a haunted weapon to attack the zombies. The ghost of apollo knows where to obtain one. Step 11: Return to ghost of apollo You need to go ask the ghost of apollo how you can get a haunted weapon. Go back to Pumpkin Pete, and use his 'teleport' option to get back to Port Phasamatys. Run back to the ghost of apollo and talk to him. Step 12: Find the haunted weapon Go home, and find the lucky chest. You must dig near the lucky chest to get the haunted weapon. REMINDER: If you skipped any steps, you will not be able to find the weapon. NOTE: To get a spade, you can buy one from the shopkeeper in edgeville. Step 13: Kill zombies to get an enchanted brain You must now go use the 'telepoort' option on Pumpkin Pete, to get to Port Phasmatys. Then run to the Ghost of Apollo, and use the 'teleport' option on him to get to the graveyard. if the graveyard is full, you can use the 'instance' option on the guardian grave to have your own instanced area. Kill zombies until you get an enchanted brain. Step 14: Return the enchanted brain You need to go back to the Ghost of Apollo, by talking to Pumpkin Pete and using his 'teleport' option to get to Port Phasmatys. After you are at Port Phasmatys, run to the Ghost of Apollo and talk to him. You will give him your enchanted brain and then the quest is complete! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - To spawn the grim reaper global boss, you must kill zombies to obtain sweets. Killing zombies is the ONLY way to obtain sweets. - The grim reaper global boss can ONLY be attacked if you have completed the halloween event. - You can instance the zombie area by right clicking the guardian GRAVE and clicking 'instance' - To get a empty vial, buy a vial of water from the herblore shop. Right click the vial of water and click 'empty' AFTER you un-note it at the bank. - To get a needle, go to the crafting shop and buy one. - To get a spade, go to edgeville and buy one from the shop keeper. - You can NOT skip any step on the event.
  3. D3wi


    Welcome to the server
  4. I was ban like 2 weeks ago for Vpn voting.. it was really stupid and i know it, wont ever happen again. Hopefully ill be able to get it back. would suck to lose all that pogress, even tho i did everything to lose it. Thank you and sorry again !
  5. Hi, You were banned for a legitimate reason, if you want more info on this DM Bandarr or me. I’ll explain it to you.
  6. Onlyfans


    Hell o i am onlyfans , pm for nudes jkjk , can i has regular donor rank here? i am from old frimbscape nivo
  7. had my missis clicking on boss while on was cooking and account got banned idk what she did or what even happen
  8. Earlier
  9. This was because of the server being down temporarily. /solved/
  10. server was down for a little while. It should be working fine by now 🙂
  11. cant login to server sayed that im already log in. https://prnt.sc/uxlk8o
  12. Says my accounts already logged in, what the fuck.
  13. IGN: Fisnai My account got unbanned but im still J Muted for 3400 days.
  14. Great update dudes!! Models are put online for free or sold/resold, prob not stolen 🙂 ~ Steelie
  15. Looks like a bunch of stolen models from another server if you ask me.
  16. Great Update @Jonny. Alot of great stuff in this update!
  17. DPS Zone 1 Head south of home to the train zone to find the DPS portal. You can choose to either go to the regular DPS zone or instance it. At DPS Zone 1, there are 3 new monsters to kill. Each monster drops a 2% crystal. Mr Incredible - Drops 2% Melee Crystal Rango - Drops 2% Range Crystal Super Buu - Drops 2% Magic Crystal Once you have obtained ALL 3 crystals as a drop, you can advance to the next zone. To advance to the next zone you use the portal in the middle. DPS Zone 2 Once you have completed DPS Zone 1, you can enter DPS Zone 2. At DPS Zone 2, there are 3 new monsters to kill. Each monster drops shards used to forge 2% crystals into 4% and 6% crystals. Grim Reaper - Drops Melee Shards Coyote - Drops Range Shards Mordecai - Drops Magic Shards After you obtain shards, you can use them to forge your crystal into a better one. Pocket Slot We are introducing a NEW EQUIPMENT SLOT to Apollo! This new equipment slot is placed to the right of your "legs" slot and is called the "pocket" slot! This slot will host items that offer different bonuses, effects, boosts, and more! We have a lot of awesome items planned for this slot, starting with the new DPS CRYSTALS that can be found in the updates above! Ultimate Mystery Box This is the BEST Mystery Box you can purchase on all of Apollo! This box contains EVERY item in the Apollo store in various amounts! Items over $300 are considered Jackpot Items! This box contains everything from Remastered Boxes to the ALPHA ATTACHMENT! Buy it today and test your luck! Other Updates - Fixed bugs with not being able to sell items to the pawn shop that are listed as sellable. - Fixed the price of resurgence shield in the pawn shop sell list. - The respawn timer for mewtwo has been made faster. - The trio bosses all now give 8 pvm points. - Fixed a bug where the activity box timer would stop working and you would not receive any rewards. - Supreme Donators can now use the open bank feature in the Donator App/Panel
  18. Damn thanks man! Yeah, been playing a bunch recently and a lot more to come. Thanks for your support my dude 😉
  19. good luck dude 🙂 ive seen u on alot so a big + from me
  20. Alabama

    Banned and muted?

    @FisnaiYou are unbanned now. @LeetClose thread.
  21. Alabama

    Banned and muted?

    @FisnaiDirect message @Frimband Prophet and discord.
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